Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tutorial: Mac & Cheese (with bacon!) :{D

YO YO YO HOMESLICES! :)) I've FINALLY dealt with my uploading issues with photobucket, so now posts are going to come like no other! I have so many posts that have been pushed back constantly because I couldn't upload any pictures -.-

Here is my previous drugstore post with the pictures uploaded! It looks MUCH more friendly to the eyes... :

This time, i've made the classic Mac & Cheese, and added bacon bits just for the hell of it. Whenever I eat Mac & Cheese, the one issue I always have is getting sick of the dish halfway through. It's rather bland! So I figured bacon would add more texture and more PIZAZZ to the taste :")

I'm pretty sure everyone's attempted at making Mac & Cheese, and failed at it-at least once. I've finally figured out the secret to making the best mac n cheese: You have to put in a LOT more milk than you think! As cheese cools down, it dries and sucks up all the moisture. Also, the most important tip for this recipe is--Your Mac & Cheese is only going to be good as the cheese you're using. Meaning, if you use packaged shredded cheese for $2, it's not going to be all that terrific. You want good quality cheddar cheese! Try going to a a delicatessen and personally taking time to pick out the cheese. In the US, most grocery markets like Ralphs, Vons, Albertsons have a deli in the store. If they can't shred it for you, just ask them to make you the thinnest slices possible.

ANYWHOO! Onto the cooking! Let's GOOOOO!!

-2 cups Any type of pasta (ie. bow-tie, shells, rigatoni, penne... you name it)
-1 Cup of GOOD quality Cheddar cheese
-1 Cup Milk (whole, reduced, doesn't matter)
-1 Cup Cream (in the US, it's just the liquid version of whipping cream that you whip yourself--from the milk formula)--you can always substitute this with Half & Half--yes, the coffee creamer.
-Bacon (doesn't matter what kind)

Serves 2!

I took a picture of all the ingredients, but I accidentally deleted it ;__; Also, my pot picture won't work! -.-^
(The picture won't work, but it's just showing you my pot)
Use a deep body pot to boil the pasta in--lots of water!

While the water is boiling, heat up a pan to cook up the bacon! It's your choice how much you want to put into the dish--I used 3-4 strips.

I'm just using the classic bacon, but bacon without the rhines in it are preferred; like the circular canadian bacon; I can't get my hands on something like that in California! =.=

Cook that bacon!

A great trick to prevent the bacon blowing up in your face is to blot the excess oils with a paper towel! It's PAINFUL to cook bacon! LOL. We don't need to eat any more fat than we're already eating from the cheese~!

By now, the pasta water should be at a rolling boil.

You can use any pasta you want--think of this as a guideline; 1 cup = one serving.

Go ahead and add a pinch of salt into the water if you'd like.

By now, the bacon should be done! Remove from heat, blot excess oils!

And cut em up into itty bitty peices! I did mine with a scissor. Go figure on the size!

Make sure you're stirring the pasta so it doesn't stick!

Once that's ready, drain! Don't merge the pot into the water though! We still need it!

Pour back the pasta into the pot! I forgot to take a picture for this part, but add your milk!

Go ahead and start adding in the cheese too!

This part is all taste & preference; if you want it thicker, add more cheese, and if you want it a bit more watery, add less! You may not use all 1 cup, or you may use more!

Add in your cream...

Stir, and keep adding cheese until your desired ratio between the milk/cream and cheese!

Add in your bacon, along with salt & pepper for seasoning! Stir very well!

and.. WE'RE FINISHED! =) Yummy easy to make mac & cheese!

Hope you enjoyed the post! :") I'm starting to run out of cooking ideas, so throw me your input! The tutorials put out so far are the recipes I've always wanted to learn, but had noone to teach me in the past.
There's going to be an open house in an hour at MY house, so I've gotta jet it outta here! :p
See you later homefries!



♥ 熊貓girl ♥ said...

YUMMY :) I LOVE pasta, but can never make my own sauce >< Thanks for the tutorial =) I will try it out xD

Anonymous said...

Mac & Cheese! YUMMMM.

woo p ? said...

that looks so good ~

박진아 said...

hehe~ it's super easy to make :)
you all should give it a try!

euzeenee said...

how come you never make anything for me when I go home!

Vic said...

Mac looks delicious :D

ps: Hello from Japan :)

Jenny said...

thanks for following my blog!

the mac and cheese looks SO delish and easy to make!!!

cloudSMILE said...

Wahhhhh your blog is so adorable!!! I'm gonna have to try this sometime, it looks really yummy! :DDD

Thank you for the comment btw *hug* it's taken awhile for me to finally cut my hair the way I want it to look hahaha. I can't wear long hair because it's very very very thick and curly, so I need something low maintenance. Your long hair, from what I've seen, is very beautiful so I can't see why you'd want to cut it anyways! :P

Risyaa♥ said...

I'm hungry now^^

& I LOVEEE the cooking tutorials.
pls plss do moree^^
I'm definitely following you now~~

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