Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What's In My Purse: Travel Beauty Kit to Korea ;)

Hey all C:
This is just a post on what skincare and make-up essentials I brought along with me on my trip to Seoul over the summer break. I didn't bring much of anything, since the weather is so hot and humid in Korea during the summer, I knew I wouldn't be wearing any make-up. Also, if I wore eye make-up, all the people would think I'm some rebellious daughter, since most girls my age there would be at a point in their lives where they have to study like no other to get into college :P

So here goes!

This is my travel beauty bag :) It fits EVERYTHING in here!

These are the only brushes that I bought with me--all face brushes! I did also bring liner brushes, but they aren't photographed. :) From the left: MAC 187, Anastasia Brows Mini Duo Brush #7, CVS Concealer/Foundation brush, Estee Lauder Blush Brush, & The Body Shop Kabuki Brush.

Here's the foundations I chose to bring along--MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural, Afterglow Cosmetic's Mineral Foundation, MAC Studio Fix Powder,& Sally Hanson's Spray Foundation (AMAZING!! review comming up!).

Blushes! Pur Minerals' Marble Blush Powder, NARS Orgasm/Laguna Duo, MAC Hello Kitty "Fun and Games".

And.. just a couple things for the eyes :) I went wayy overboard on bringing so many eye products, when I couldn't wear them half the time :p

Now.. for skincare!

I bought along...
From the left: Clinique's All "About the Eyes Rich" Eyecream, "Moisture Surge Extra" Gel Moisturizer, "Superdefense SPF 25" (yeah, it's spelled with an "s"!) for combination oily to oily Skin types (there's so many types for this same product!), EUMIA "Clarifying Serum with Vitamin A", MAC FIX+ Spray, T.N. Dickinson's Witch Hazel, Queen Helene's Mint Julep Masque, Neutrogena "Healthy Skin--Anti-wrinkle/Anti-blemish" clear skin cream, & my St. Ives Apricot Scrub "Blemish & Blackhead Control" (not pictured).

Here's all the rest of the junk I carry in my purse! My Ipod, make-up bag, book, wallet, cell, moisturizer, hair ties, oil blotting paper, sunglasses, and glasses! Yeah, I carry a LOT of things. If you look carefully, you can see both my sunglasses' and glasses' cases by Gucci are DESTROYED by my dog's teeth. Damn, he loves those leather cases...

And they all snuggly fit in my bag! I got this from American Apparel--you can buy it online or at their stores (http://www.americanapparel.net). Isn't it adorable?! They also have it in leather and in different colors, but I like this one alot. C;

On a side note, I managed to pick up Lancome's Virtuose Mascara at the Duty Free store in the airport! It's absolutely fantastic for volume, but not much of a lengthener! I have to use a legnthening mascara with it to produce my desired outcome. The brush is curved--the hollow side for volume, and rounded side for legnth!

Here's to those who love them beauty hauls!
~Jinna :))

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Review: Miss Rose Palette

So! I received this palette awhile back, but never had the chance to post about it! This palette is by Miss Rose, a Chinese brand manufactured in Hong Kong. I purchased it on Darline's blog sale site--http://whatever-darl.blogspot.com/ check it out! She has everything from clothes, shoes, leggings, to makeup!

I first ran into this palette in one of RoseBabe's videos. If you're not familiar with her, she's a guru that is highly underrated on Youtube. She is just fantastic. I saw a couple of her looks made with this palette, and it just sent me bonkers to find it. After MONTHS of searching, I was FINALLY able to get my hands on one of these. Miss Rose has other palettes, but I like this one alot. You can purchase them on ebay by searching "wet eyeshadow".

SO! This palette has a wide range of colors--from champagnes, pinks, golds, silvers, blues, greens, purples.. you name it! It has graduations from a highlight color to an intense liner color. The pigmentation of this is absolutely fantastic. You can either use it wet or dry, but using it dry already looks like it's wet when applied! The colors are SUPER vibrant even without a base.

All of the colors are shimmery. The texture of the shadows are very sponge-y. As in.. if you pressed down on the pans, your finger would leave an indent in it. There is a bit of fallout, but it's worth it, and doesn't waste product. You don't need much!

Here's some pictures!

Woot! Finally got it. (yeah yeah yeah, my mom's name is Hyeja. That's what you get for using her credit card!)

Here's the outside--the case is really sturdy!

Here are the colors! Aren't they vibrant?!

Selecting this blue/green color...

I BARELY ran my finger across the pan, and look how vibrant the color is!

Here's the swatch-- I have no primer/base on my wrist!

After all that, look how much there's left on my finger!

Quality--9/10 (I really don't like the fallouts, it gets messy)
Packaging--10/10 (for a palette!)

I wish some of the colors weren't shimmery! Since they all are, you can't really wear an of these fantastic colors in broad daylight. Save em` for those clubbing nights or for a fun night out!


Cooking Tutorial: Soba/모밀 국수

Hiya all~ C:
Yeah yeah yeah, I know, it's been awhile since i've been back from Korea, but I've been so busy with cello stuff I haven't been able to sit down and spend the time to upload/resize pictures. But.. now I do! I'll have my pictures from korea posted soon (most of the pictures were taken on my sister's dica, and she's at UCI, so I don't have alot of them :/ )! I also have this AMAZING new palette to share with you guys :)) Along with a new baking tutorial! whooo! keep em` comin`~ hahah :D I also have a DIY facial mask comming up, so stay tuned!!

Alright, enough with the chitchat. This is the EASIEST thing to make on a hot day! I know when the weather is unbearably hot outside, you don't really want to spend much time in a hot kitchen. This recipe is for Soba! Soba noodles are made from a type of root/buckwheat, and are not flour noodles. So even after you stuff yourself with it, you won't feel all groggy and gross :) It's healthy!

Here's what you'll need:

-Buckwheat Noodles
-Soba Soy Sauce (you can buy this at any asian stores C;)
-Radish (optional)
-Plain nori/seaweed/김 to garnish (and tastes good~)
-Green Onions

So let's get started!

These are the noodles that I'm using.

Boil a bit of water depending on how much of the noodles you're making. Remember, boiling more is always fine, but being short on water always makes things a hastle! (the opposite for making ramen/라면 X) )

The brand that i'm using actually already divided the serving portions, so I made 2. (since it's me and my mom!)

Now.. whip out those traditional soba dishes! (Of course, this isn't necessary.)

Now, once the noodles are done, prepare a drainer and large bowl.

Drain the noodles, and wash them in icy cold water!

Now.. prepare your dipping sauce! Try going 1/2 of the base and 1/2 of water mixed together. Here is where you would add your radish shavings--(it always tastes better with them, but I ran out!). Add ice if it's not icy cold.

And Serve! Seriously, how easy is this? What a lame post.

This is a perfect way to cool yourself down a really hot day. =) It's quick, and it's yummy!

Update later!
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