Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Another Fun-Filled Week!

Hello everyone =) Looks my blogging streak is yet to end! -evil laughter- sorry for those who have to read this. :p Anyway! For the past 3 days, I was in Irvine to visit the OC Fair that just started this week, then hanging out with my sister who attend UCI :) I went with my cousin Richard, and we had a blast. My post for the trip will be another day, because I still have a couple more posts to do before! I like to put up things in chronological order =D

So for THIS post, are just random things I've done for the past week :)

I think I seriously ate lunch with Richard every single day for the past week! haha!

Strawberry and cream crepe with Mirie, Richard, and Yuri!

ah~ it was so yummy +_+

awww! sleeping puppies :)


To finish this day with ANOTHER sweet, I had a frozen banana dipped in white chocolate, and covered in a coating full of walnuts, marshmallows, and semi-sweet chocolate morsels. :) I am seriously asking for it.

Last Sunday, my sister came home from Irvine so her, richard, and I went to the fashion district (Santee) in LA and had a great time :) I forgot to take pictures! But here is the lunch we had afterwards at Wako! :p

I had Katsudon =D

yumm asian mustard dressing with simple iceberg shavings!

Richard had Curry Chicken Tonkatsu :)

My my, this post is just jumping around on the days! Here's photos from last monday when I went out with my aunt (Richard's mom) and my mum to run some errands, shopping, eating, doctors office.. lol =D

Here's my aunt and me waiting in the doctor's office =D

And here's my mum with her! Eating lunch at Olive garden =D

Sorry this was such a random post! haha :p hope you guys have started off the week with a good start! Here comes hump-day tomorrow! Stay strong everyone :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Pasadena Phun Day :)

hello all =D i've been awfully good with these posts lately! mwahaha 8)

i'm writing this post up as I watch the K-drama Dong-Yi :p it's getting so good! I'm so far behind :p Also, there's this stupid green bug that keeps bothering me... -.-
Anyway! A couple days ago, my cousin Richard (Jungi) and I went to go visit my sister who lives in Pasadena with her husband :) He's a professor at the famous Cal-Tech school! We had some great Chinese food, and left my sister to go shopping in old town Pasadena :) it was super fun and super hot!

Driving there :)

My oppa is such a dork. He bought the World Cup shirt in the year he was born in -.-;; it also happened to be the same year Korea even joined the World Cup series.

Chinese restaurant's menu! it was all in Chinese, and none of the workers could speak Engreesh!

Jungi being a nerd.

My sister! =) This is her just-got-out-of-bed look. haha~

She's much much older than I am, but we manage to get along pretty well :p

OMGGG this chicken was so tender and good!

Shrimp dim sum!

The yummiest fried rice ever! They put margarine in it.. it was so good!

And here's the shopping!

Just outside of Forever 21 :)


Jungi trying to look cool in American Apparel with sweat bands lol..

anddddd his terrible farmer's tan from golfing. I call them his monkey feet :)

I leave you all with this picture of my favorite man in the world, Sebastian.
Have a fantastic weekend!

I just started off my weekend with some sushi with my friend Mirie :)
I'm going to the OC fair tomorrow! Super excited :)) time for fried twinkies, fried oreos, friend dingdongs, fried chicken, fried corn, fried zukini, fried artichoke.. fried fried fried.. LOL =D


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tutorial: Home-made French Fries [shoe-string] + 100 followers :D

HOORAY! I have finally reached 100 followers. I cannot stress how thankful I am for everyone's frequent visits and lovely comments. Thankyou so much! I'm considering doing a giveaway, but haven't thought of any products just yet! But i'm already getting some great ideas =))

Random enough, one of my FAVORITE Korean deserts is the Goldfish-shaped red-bean-filled bread :)) you can only get it in Korea for some reason, but there's actually a place in ktown in LA that makes it! I get a whole batch every Tues. when I'm there for cello stuff :)
She isn't the owner, but she's one of the main ladies that makes it :) She's super nice and always remembers me!
They first pour the batter in both sides of the pans, drop heaping spoon-fulls of sweet red bean filling, and stick both sides together! :)
5 for $3! hehe I usually eat 3 and save the 2 for my mum :p

Anywho! I haven't made a cooking tut in a long time, so here's a quickie! Home-made French Fries! They're much lower in calories home-made than buying them somewhere like McDonalds :) They're super easy to make, and all you need is a potato!

-1 Russet Potato (any size)
-Any type of oil (veg. oil is rec., but anything you have is fine--I used canola oil)
-something to shape/cut the potatoes into fries with! (you could even just use your knife and free-hand it!)

I'm not sure what these are called! But they come with a little blade to slice your veggies through.
This is the thickest cutter I own, so it's fine :) work with whatever you have lying around! I honestly prefer shoe-string fries anyway :p
I peeled the potato, and ran it through till I couldn't anymore--be REALLY careful! it's super easy to just slice your finger through!!!!! I've done it before T^T A trick using these slicers is to push very lightly and not force it, or it'll get stuck, and you'll end up pushing it even harder--then BAM!! lots blood.
I'm going to use this mini deep-fryer I own, but you can always use a wide-set pan and fill it with 2 inches of oil.
Toss 'em in the rack!
Careful here! Water (from potato) and oil does NOT go together... hell, it'll explode! so make sure you don't put too much potato at once, or it'll overflow =)
Each batch for me takes around 4-7 minutes :) I like to use a wooden chopstick to swirl the potatoes around so they get cooked evenly.
Prepare a large plate with paper towels on the bottom to soak up the excess oils!
yum :3
Sprinkle them with salt, and you're done! This recipe is great with sweet potatoes too! :) I've tried, and really liked those too! (don't salt those though!)

Hope you enjoyed this cooking tut =) By popular demand, Kimchi Fried Rice will be the next tutorial, following up with a simple fudge tut too!

Have a Friday fun day~!
Jinna (;

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July 4th Barbecue and a Quick Update :)

Hello everyone! It's been terribly long since my last post. You must forgive me, it's not that I haven't been inspired--trust me, I take my camera EVERYWHERE and take pictures daily--but just have been immensely LAZY. I am never a lazy person, but since summer break's started, i've just been lacking in every single way possible! I know I promise everytime I post again, but this time, for sure, I will make sure to upload every 1-3 days. PROMISE.
So for Independence Day (Jul. 4th), my cousin Richard had a barbecue with some friends :) I was so busy helping out that I forgot to take pictures of all the food and cooking!!! T^T sorry! But I did manage to get a couple shots in the entire day. We went bowling after; since everyone had a bit to drink, I was their taxi :p

The youngest in our entire family (well at least my generation!) This is Richard's younger brother, Justin :) he's going to be a senior in HS in the fall!

One of the attendees of the barbecue--Sera baked "hamburger and fries"! It consisted of sugar cookies and brownies :)) yumm~

At the bowling alley with Grace and Mirie<3 (and why do I look 300 lbs. in this picture? is it my t-shirt?)

Mirie's BF John, and Ryan!

Here's a glimpse of Richard's back! haha and Mirie too :p

On a side note, I never shared any pictures from my prom! I took a ghetto picture of the official picture that my date and I took :p Erik is my all time BFFL-nothing but legit friends :) I don't have that many girl friends!

Tada~ My dress is by Jessica McClintock :) I LOVE it.

Also, I know this is sooo random, but my passport expired a couple days ago, so I went to renew it with my sister who came down from Irvine and my mum :)

hehe, we were waiting to cross the street :p

Now here's the HORRIFYING part. JUST LOOK AT THIS!!!! It's SO TERRIBLE I want to pull out my hair!!!! UGHHH. I look like the frigging MOON in it's full phase!!!!! Turns out Korea has new rules for the passport picture--no jewelry, both ears must show, both eyebrows must show, no teeth, no smiling. WHAT THE CRAP? They're turning us into communists! >:( okay, maybe not :p but this is by far disgusting. I can't believe I have to look at this for the next 5 yrs or so. -sigh-
At lunch after the horrible experience!

My mum :))

My sister Eujean and I getting silly :p yey for Korean bbq!

Now, I leave you with a scary picture for you to ponder to. Yeah, we're totally weird.

My sister's blog!: http://euzeenee.blogspot.com/
happy wednesday! :{D
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