Friday, July 16, 2010

Pasadena Phun Day :)

hello all =D i've been awfully good with these posts lately! mwahaha 8)

i'm writing this post up as I watch the K-drama Dong-Yi :p it's getting so good! I'm so far behind :p Also, there's this stupid green bug that keeps bothering me... -.-
Anyway! A couple days ago, my cousin Richard (Jungi) and I went to go visit my sister who lives in Pasadena with her husband :) He's a professor at the famous Cal-Tech school! We had some great Chinese food, and left my sister to go shopping in old town Pasadena :) it was super fun and super hot!

Driving there :)

My oppa is such a dork. He bought the World Cup shirt in the year he was born in -.-;; it also happened to be the same year Korea even joined the World Cup series.

Chinese restaurant's menu! it was all in Chinese, and none of the workers could speak Engreesh!

Jungi being a nerd.

My sister! =) This is her just-got-out-of-bed look. haha~

She's much much older than I am, but we manage to get along pretty well :p

OMGGG this chicken was so tender and good!

Shrimp dim sum!

The yummiest fried rice ever! They put margarine in it.. it was so good!

And here's the shopping!

Just outside of Forever 21 :)


Jungi trying to look cool in American Apparel with sweat bands lol..

anddddd his terrible farmer's tan from golfing. I call them his monkey feet :)

I leave you all with this picture of my favorite man in the world, Sebastian.
Have a fantastic weekend!

I just started off my weekend with some sushi with my friend Mirie :)
I'm going to the OC fair tomorrow! Super excited :)) time for fried twinkies, fried oreos, friend dingdongs, fried chicken, fried corn, fried zukini, fried artichoke.. fried fried fried.. LOL =D



Anonymous said...

Hehe it looked like fun :D
Zoomg chinese menu :O I'm chinese but can't read so I usually have to rely on my friends to talk to the waiters/waitresses xD

So much fried hahaha~

Anonymous said...

I love the Har Gao. :)

박진아 said...

Har Gao? =o

Frances said...

Hi Jinna :)

dang the F21 there is HUGE O_O and your looks so pretty... it looks so shiney and soft :)

The mascara I was using in that post was MJ lash enamel. I have a review on it if you want to check it out ^__~

박진아 said...

haha yeah! it was three stories, and there were collections in there that i've never even seen before! there was a plus size line, an organic line, boho line, heritage.. so MANY!

and i'm hoping youre talking about my hair!:)

eli_7 said...

I love your dog! so cute ...wish I had a dog :(
The shrimp dim sum looks so yummy :D

wow I never expected Forever21 to look like that... it looks kinda posh lol

~KawaiiParadise~ said...

aw, it look like you have so much fun eh?^_^
~XOXO Charlotte

amanda said...

ee i want to watch dong yi too! But my internet is capped at the moment sob sob.

The food looks so good and it looks like you had a blast!

I hope your blogging streak goes on for quite a long time :)

Thank you from the very bottom of my heart for leaving such comforting words on my blog and sharing your own experience with me. Everything you said made nothing but sense. x

ℐris said...

Ooo my aunt's a prof at Cal-Tech too! Anyway, looks like you've had a fun-filled day. :)

P.S. Your dog's sooo cute! :3

Joanna said...

the food is making me hungry lol.
you look very pretty, esp your hair! i want hair like yours =(

Vivian said...

hey pretty girl=]
it sucks that there's no F21 in the netherlands!
i almost died when i saw the chicken, because i'm like starving now...

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