Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July 4th Barbecue and a Quick Update :)

Hello everyone! It's been terribly long since my last post. You must forgive me, it's not that I haven't been inspired--trust me, I take my camera EVERYWHERE and take pictures daily--but just have been immensely LAZY. I am never a lazy person, but since summer break's started, i've just been lacking in every single way possible! I know I promise everytime I post again, but this time, for sure, I will make sure to upload every 1-3 days. PROMISE.
So for Independence Day (Jul. 4th), my cousin Richard had a barbecue with some friends :) I was so busy helping out that I forgot to take pictures of all the food and cooking!!! T^T sorry! But I did manage to get a couple shots in the entire day. We went bowling after; since everyone had a bit to drink, I was their taxi :p

The youngest in our entire family (well at least my generation!) This is Richard's younger brother, Justin :) he's going to be a senior in HS in the fall!

One of the attendees of the barbecue--Sera baked "hamburger and fries"! It consisted of sugar cookies and brownies :)) yumm~

At the bowling alley with Grace and Mirie<3 (and why do I look 300 lbs. in this picture? is it my t-shirt?)

Mirie's BF John, and Ryan!

Here's a glimpse of Richard's back! haha and Mirie too :p

On a side note, I never shared any pictures from my prom! I took a ghetto picture of the official picture that my date and I took :p Erik is my all time BFFL-nothing but legit friends :) I don't have that many girl friends!

Tada~ My dress is by Jessica McClintock :) I LOVE it.

Also, I know this is sooo random, but my passport expired a couple days ago, so I went to renew it with my sister who came down from Irvine and my mum :)

hehe, we were waiting to cross the street :p

Now here's the HORRIFYING part. JUST LOOK AT THIS!!!! It's SO TERRIBLE I want to pull out my hair!!!! UGHHH. I look like the frigging MOON in it's full phase!!!!! Turns out Korea has new rules for the passport picture--no jewelry, both ears must show, both eyebrows must show, no teeth, no smiling. WHAT THE CRAP? They're turning us into communists! >:( okay, maybe not :p but this is by far disgusting. I can't believe I have to look at this for the next 5 yrs or so. -sigh-
At lunch after the horrible experience!

My mum :))

My sister Eujean and I getting silly :p yey for Korean bbq!

Now, I leave you with a scary picture for you to ponder to. Yeah, we're totally weird.

My sister's blog!: http://euzeenee.blogspot.com/
happy wednesday! :{D


Anonymous said...

Don't worry, I'm stuck with a bad passport, University ID and license photo for the next few years too. :(

박진아 said...

LOL. I have to admit, my driver's license is pretty damn scary too :p

Anonymous said...

Haha it has been a while since you've last posted.

LOL all of my official photos suck >< Yours isn't that bad ;)

I LOVE your red dress, it's gorgeous <3

Ken said...

omg jinna that passport photo is so weird because you are never caught not smiling! u have a beautiful smile *patpat*

박진아 said...

LOL KEN. The passport picture is seriously a no-go. The first one I took, I was smiling real big, and the photographer stopped and told me to not smile HAHA.
DOH. -nudgenudge-

박진아 said...

@Shirley I can't post comments on your blog! :(( thankyou for stopping by :) you're my 100th follower! thankyou~<3
and HAHA only the dress is nice :)

eli_7 said...

Love all the pretty pictures you took. You look gorgeous in your prom dress
:) I took my passport picture the other and yours looks so much much more better than mine :)And theres so many rules now :/
also your mum looks so young :]

euzeenee said...

omg it's about time you did an update foo. :P
that last pic is too hilarious xDD

박진아 said...

@eujean LOLLL I knowww!

~KawaiiParadise~ said...

aw, it look like you guy have fun XD. Your youngest cousin is still older than me lolz. Don't worry you should see my driver license, it's SO HORRIBLE. and cute prom pics ^^.
~XOXO Charlotte

Frances said...

hahaha the last pic cracked me up XD and don't worry about the passport pics... ID pictures are never meant to look pretty =_= seriously... none of the ID pictures anyone has look anything like themselves... so don't feel bad *pats on back*

RE: haha really?! I always get loads and loads of layers cuz my hair outgrows them like super fast -__- It's only been like 2 months since I last got my haircut and I'm already close to what I started with... sadness. but yeah I still don't have the courage either XD I have a feeling that I will regret instantly. haha

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