Friday, May 28, 2010

Why I've been MIA for so long!

Hi everyone! =D Thankyou for all of your lovely comments and concerns :") I've been neglecting my beloved blog because life has been knocking on my door for awhile, and I thought it was about time to finally tend to it.

My trio had our first performance, so we'd been preparing for it very hard, since we had only met for about.. 1.5-2 months? (about 5-6 rehearsals) and other groups had met for many many months with multiple rehearsals throughout the week; man. It was hard, but we managed to pull it off somehow! hahaha. The only downfall was that we'd never played so HORRIBLY as we had at the concert;; lol... the room was so terribly dry and there was no echo! ugh. talk about gross. But regardless, my group has been announced to be the last group for the next concert on June 6th! (yes yes, that means we did the best, so we're labeled as the best group xD)

Here's the performance if you want to check it out :] :
Here's the video!

Here's the kickass Miwako Watanabe Trio! haha =D From left: Miwako Watanabe (violin), Esther Kim (Violin), Jinna Park (cello), David Rodgers (piano)

Me with my family :)) my mum, dad, oldest sister, and brother in law!

This is me, Jamie--another student of my teachers' who also was a part of the program and performed with another trio--and my cello teacher Sylvia :)

Me and my Jungi Oppa!

..and me and Ryan! =D

Okay, time for another TOTAL different change--I saw this picture a couple weeks back of boa:

It looked so pretty I tried to replicate it! :p
Here's the results:

Okay, while i'm at it, i'm going to make this a GINORMOUS post. HAHA.
So a couple weeks back, I was at my local Costco, and found some great beauty buys :p a full sized CHI silk infusion for only $10, and a nice Stila set for $20!

That's right, you heard me. $10.

Here's the Stila set! There were two diff sets (warm/cool), but I got the cool one :p It comes with a full size Stila brush, eyeshadow trio, a sample of their new one step makeup, a full sized mascara, and a sample size of stila's smudge pot in black. All this for $20! Talk about a STEAL! This brush normally costs $20 alone!

How I despise Costco's packaging... took FOREVER to take it all out.

Here's the trio!

Swatched only once! With no base!

Okay, the stupid mascara picture won't work for some reason. Basically, it really separates, but adds volume.

I was really impressed with this product! I would totally purchase the full sized product if I didn't use bb cream; this product is foundation, concealer, and powder all in one! It's crazy. For LAZY PEOPLE like me! haha xD

Tiny version! This was the first time i've ever used a Stila smudge pot--and let me tell you, it is NOT a smudge pot. It's pretty much a gel liner--it dries so damn quickly you can't even spread it out! Stay power is nice =)

Omg, this post is just never ending, isn't it?
My mum and I went to Wako and had Chicken Cutlets =D

My favorite person in the entire world! :))

Another reason why i've been gone, is because my birthday was May 6th :)) I'm legal now! 18! haha. But i'll make a separate post for that one and upload all the fun pictures i've taken with my friends =D

Oh man. My trio's first performance, school orchestra concerts and festivals, my little chamber group for my school's orchestra, my birthday, one of my bff's birthday (the day after mine), prom dress shopping.. oh man. I've just been so busy, it's crazy. I promise, the posts will start to come more regularly =)

Thanks for sticking it out with me everyone<3


~KawaiiParadise~ said...

hehe, you look adorable. I love your nude lip too. What kind of lipstick are you using?

XOXO Charlotte ^^

박진아 said...

I'm wearing a lipstick called Peachstock by MAC! It's discontinued, but it was recently relaunched in one of the new collections :) I think it came out again with the Liberty of London one...

Frances said...

you rock that BoA look :)

박진아 said...

>< aww thankyou!

Carla said...

love the eye make up on u!

May @ Rad said...

I love the eye makeup! great job =)

Anonymous said...

Looking good.

eli_7 said...

Well done with the performance and for getting through :)
You look so pretty in that blue dress and Im loving the BoA makeup on you.
mmm those chicken cutlets look yummy :]

박진아 said...

@ Carla
@ May Thanks ladies =D it looks so subtle on her, but it looks so crazy on me LOL.

@Vincent thankyouu :)

@eli thankyou so much :D they were soo yummy +_+

euzeenee said...

I remember seeing that boa pic a long time ago and fell in love with the eye makeup. haha
good job!!

Serena said...

Hey JINNA!!! Welcome back. Glad to know you're okay. =]

Congrats on your first performance. Sorry that you didn't think you did that well. But you WERE the best group and you've got another concert!! WOO HOO! You must feel great. Job well done.

Your inspired look looks stunning. This post is making me want to try this look as well. I love blues. You look stunning.

WHATTT!? Costco has CHI!?!!! I LOVE that brand! I have a huge bottle of their shampoo right now. I haven't used it since I dyed my hair though.

And nice deal on $20 for the Stila set. I've seen this around blogs recently. I think I actually saw it at Costco a few months ago as well but was in a rush so I didn't get a good look at it. I LOVE their smudge pots! I got it in brown. I think I might get the black one next. It works way better than my MAC black track.

That chicken looks sooo yummy.

OoOoO... you're finally legal!! You're getting old. Your still young. =] You've got your whole life ahead of you. Have fun prom dress shopping.

<3s Serena.

Emma-Louise said...

I really love the look your replicated! It's soo beautiful I really want to try it some time I think!
What brand of products did you end up using for this look?

박진아 said...

I actually used a really pretty sky blue color from my miss rose palette and just any matte black shadow :)topped it off with some pencil/gel liner~

Vivian said...

you look amazing in the blue dress!!
oow and i've to ask you this: what does oppa means? because i've been lots and lots and lots and lots of korean drama's nowadays(A) and i still don't know what that word means...=.='

Vivian said...

aahaaa okaay=]
Do you live in Korea?

Frances said...

Hi Jinna :)

I just gave you a blog award ;)


jenh said...

lovee your boa inspired make up! :) & your hair is so nice in that blue dress


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