Thursday, April 29, 2010

Haul: Skincare Products for Acne Prone Skin!

Hiya all~ =) So as you all must know, Sephora recently had a 15% off for Beauty Insiders. I received my package the other day (finally), so here's a couple pics from the unpacking and other random stuffs :)

Here are some samples I got to choose :)

AH~ aren't they just beautiful? hehe :p

Clarifying Cleanser: OH MY GOD! This product seriously deserves its own post. I've finally found my hg cleanser! It's a gel to foam formula, and it smells WONDERFUL. It smells like lemongrass, and feels minty on the skin. My skin feel extremely clean after this! It doesn't dry out my skin too!

Skin Perfecting Lotion: Okay, the consistency is definitely a lot thicker than I imagined--but it's definitely non-oily and hydrates the face. I feel like it's really fighting my acne throughout the day!

Because it is a bit on the thicker side, it does take a little longer for it to set--but once it does, it leaves no sticky residue!

I've been wanting to try Mario Badescu's products for such a long time! So many of their products have great reviews claiming they work! Also.. their PRICES. AMAZING! Products that work AND don't drain your wallet. Now, that's something that interests me. As you all know, I've always had acne in my teen years, but it's never been such a HUGE problem. I've always been able to cover it up with some makeup, but now i'm just tired of even covering it up! The texture of your skin is definitely something makeup CANT cover. I've been trying so many different types of acne treatments, and none have worked so far. IQQU's acne serum has helped me get a head-start, but hasn't treated anything.

Here's the stuff i've picked up!

Okay. The drying lotion lives up to its hype!!!! It's the most powerful and effective spot-treatment I've EVER used. It does sting a bit, but who cares about little things like that if it works! You use a cotton swab to dip it in the bottle to catch some of the pink powder that settles at the bottom; you dab it over any blemish, and overnight, it's dramatically GONE!
As for the Acne Serum, i've been looking for something to replace my IQQU Acne Serum, and this just may be it! I've definitely begun to see some improvement in the overall acne on my face :)

And here are some samples they gave me! :) I think i'm going to purchase the full-sized cellufirm drops! They're amazing.

On a side note, I've been looking for the perfect face primer, but have yet to find it... the local Sephora store I went to gave me some samples of MUFE's, Smashbox's, and Lancome's (this ones from nordstrom's :p)--I don't like any of them... is something just wrong with me? What face primers do you guys recommend?

I know this is random, but i've been wanting to replace my Le Crayon Khol in Chataine by Lancome for awhile, since it's discontinued... I picked up Bobbi Brown's Gel liner in No. 2 Sepia Ink; it looks brown in the jar, but when applied, is just an ashy grey color! :( Anyone know any BROWN liners that work?

And to close this post! I wanted to share this product with all of you guys and gals! :)) I've been using this face brush since elementary school. I've drifted from it just because i've forgotten about it! But recently, i've been looking into the Clarisonic, and wondered if there was a cheaper alternative.. and this is it! I got it for $3 at The Body Shop. The design of the brush has changed over the years (I know, because I've gone through 3 of them!), but I really love the shape of this one. You apply your cleanser as if you would normally, wet the brush, and swirl it all over your face! Once you use it, you won't be able to stop because manual cleansing will leave your face feeling un-clean! It leaves your face smooth everytime. You won't regret getting this! It does take a bit to get used to, because it can be rough sometimes on the skin. But once you do, you'll never let it go!

I've finally found some products that are going to stay within my skin-care regiment for the rest of my life! I'm glad to share these products to you guys :) If you have acne-prone skin, really check these products out!

I know this was a rushed post, but I'll make sure to do another one before the week ends! I've been so sick, i'm missing so much school and cello! ugh. Also, I think i'll do a giveaway once I hit 100 followers! What do you guys think? :)

Have a great Friday!


brutalturtle.blogspot.com said...

야! Do they have sephora stores in your city? How come it had to be shipped? Good post by the way. I took a picture of the sephora store in our big mall last year, the post is here (just scroll down):


anyway. your dad is an executive at an hmart? aw mannnn I wish I knew you in real life lol. I like getting chap chae and kimchi from there (I'm not korean despite my limited typing. nobody in the family knows how to make kimchi for me). And yes I'll admit, to stare at fobby ladies too O.o funny how we live so far away from each other and know of the same franchise.

안녕! take care now.

eli_7 said...

I was thinking abou buying the body shop facial brush but I thought it would be too brittle and spiky on my skin :/ At least I think I saw that one :s
Do you have to use moisturiser or cleansing product whilst you use it?
I might as well get it if you recommend it and its really cheap :]]


Ahleessa said...

I was blog hopping and ran into your blog. The first thing that grabbed my attention is that you're Korean. I love my fellow Koreans... hehe~ Secondly, I hope you post more recipes. I love beauty blogs with recipes. :)

woo p ? said...

would you recommend the anti-acne products for guys ?

May @ Rad said...

awww...! and you're luck to have access to mario badescu products! *jealous* teehee =)

cloudSMILE said...

awwww, feel better! *hug*

박진아 said...

@eli hmm, the bristles are a bit stiff by itself, so I'd recommend using it with some sort of foamy or creamy cleanser :) I don't really think it'd clean anything on its own!

@Ahleesa thanks for stopping by :) <3 I'll put up more cooking tuts soon!

jenhe said...

i've been meaning to try Badescu's products too! thank you so much :) & lovely blog!


Vivian said...

oow nice haul!
I was considering to buy the clarifying cleanser today, but i didn't bought it in the endxD. do you know if mario badescu deliver international?

Ken said...

i think my ex-gf got angry that we said we are "hanging out"


Ken said...

im so supremely sick of my acne problem. i am not a kid anymore!

nope, i am not kidding. she hated me talking to girls and even saying that i am going to hang out with them. thats why we broke up. but its better that way. i am a terrible bf

euzeenee said...

whoa. massive haul there Jinna.

박진아 said...

I technically only got 4 things eujzeeene. =D

Vivian said...

I think I'm going to order it on ebay=]
and i've gave you a sweet blog award<3

Serena said...

OH I'm so behind on commenting!
I see someone took advantage of Sephora's 15% off sale too! {*high five!}

I actually didn't see those samples when I made my purchase. How weird.

I think Murad is a pretty good line. I love the cleanser but it stopped working for me after awhile. I'm not a fan of the lotion though. I think it's WAY to greasy for my skin.

I'm jealous. I NEVER got my Mario Badescu's samples. It's been 9 months now. GRRR. I guess it got lost in the mail or never came. I might try to get another batch again. SO MAD NOW! Seems like EVERYONE got their samples but me. Though.. from your review it seems like I'm not missing out on much.

I actually don't use a face primer. =/ Can't recommend you anything. Sorry.

Darn it! I wish I knew about the mini brush before I got the Clarisonic Mia. Oh well. I'm liking the Mia so far. I'll probably write a review about it later after I've used it enough.

I hope you're better by now. It's been over a week since you posted.

<3 Serena.

Ken said...

dont say that about her, it was my fault too. anyways, post again soon.

Vivian said...

omg, i totally forgot to comment you!!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! it's late, iknow... how was your bday?! oow, do you live in Korea?

erik said...





박진아 said...

oh my god.. ERIK LOL

superwoolu said...

how is murad working for you?? I've been wanting to try it but didn't want to spend $$ on something that doesn't work :p

euzeenee said...

yo! it's been too long since an update from you :)

Ken said...

u havent posted in a long time jina!

박진아 said...

hahah I will right now =D

Anonymous said...

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