Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring break + OOTD!

Hello everyone! Sadly, today is pretty much my last day of Spring break T^T It was a great week of sleeping... eating.. and uhh, sleeping. 8D Yesterday, after my cello lessons, I got to hang out with my amazing friend Sophia! It was my first time meeting her in person, and we clicked so well--it was as if we've known eachother for YEARS. She is just the sweetest, craziest, VIOLENT (LOLL), girly girl you'll ever meet :)) I was introduced to her through a couple of my friends--who would've known she would end up being one of my best? ;) life throws you unexpected things! Here's a couple pics from yesterday :)

Check out Sophia's blog! She's new to blogging, but she'll be inspired to do more when more people read it! :)

Also, here's my first OOTD! :"3 I've never done one, so let's hope it isn't too terrible... this was my outfit to go to the grocery store LOL. It's supposed to be a zebra, but my hair is covering it -.-; F A I L.

Paired it up with some leggings!

... and my hair :p

Camwhoring 1

Camwhoring 2

The other day, I decided to put up a new cooking tutorial for FUDGE! :)) I was really excited; too excited that I put the ingredients in the wrong order, and put in the wrong measurements for them too. It was such a crash and burn type of fail. I ended up putting WAY too much sugar--so much that the fudge CRUNCHES with the sugar crystals. =_=;; i'll redo this one asap, so stick tight for another cooking tut!

And to close this post... Sophia and I took some sticker pix, but the machine glitched on us and didn't give us any time to deco them!! I couldn't believe it. The pictures still look nice without the deco :p Sophia managed to get one in!

Now.. i'm outta here! There's an open house in half an hour, and my room is still a mess! @_@

Thank you for reading! :")


Couturemee said...

ohh my goshh. that fudge looks yummy! ;))

Carrie said...

i agree with Couteremee. that brownie looks soooo good. and i'm loving that cardigan:D

follow me?


♥ 珊珊 Kawaii Kuromi ♥ said...

love the outfit and makeup!


ForeistCage said...

That fudge looks really yummy..:D
love your outfit..:)


Vintage & Other said...

Like your blog :)

Serena said...

{*AWwWWw} Looks like you two had so much fun. I love meeting people and hitting it off really well. =] By looking at your photos I would've thought you guys knew each other for a long time. Would've never thought it was the first time.

Nice first OOTD!! Keep them coming. I love seeing what other people wear. Looks like a comfy outfit for grocery shopping.

I got jipped by stickie pix before too! My friends and I weren't even able to pick the pose! It ended up picking the ugliest and funniest picture of all. Yours atleast still looks cute!

<3 Serena.

Anonymous said...

I'm new around your blog and I love it~<3
I'm following!


Miss. P

Ken said...

that photo with the ramp looks like its in ktown, in front of the cyberzone~

ALEXA- OMG the PINK Blog! said...

ummm Yummy =^.^=

you 2 are really pretty, ah and i adore the way you do the makeup!!!


Ken said...

wako, the tonkatsu restaurant?!

♥ 熊貓girl ♥ said...

yur so prettyyy jinna :) love both outfits ^^

~KawaiiParadise~ said...

aw thanks for visiting my blog, hehe i bet your dogs pretty cute too XD. I love your blog so I follow it now XD

박진아 said...

awwwuh :3 thank you all!

Ken said...

omg, i sound stalkerish

do u live in LA?

Popcorn said...

I have a couple of crazy friends that also happen to also be my best friendys. hehee nice OOTD~ awww too bad your Spring break is over. Don't these relaxing days just fly by? Suxs.... XD

♥ Jhoy ♥ said...

aw you are too cute! anyways I have an award waiting for you on my blog! congrats! and have a wonderful weekend!

Ken said...

calabasas~ i always drive past there when i lived in santa barbara or if i am going to the outlet in camarillo

i live in LA, not so far from ktown~

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