Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Quick FOTD and HOTD

Hi all! :") so today, I had a concerto competition (yes yes, I play cello, if you haven't been able to figure that one out just yet...)! I played very well, but since I wasn't able to hear anyone else except the girl who went before me, I guess I'll never know what I was up against! :/ Winners are going to be announced on Tues! I'm so excited/nervous...! I really hope I win! >_<

Anywho! So today, I did have to dress up a bit, since it's an audition. I have to tie up my hair and pin back my bangs (which is NOT attractive whatsoever + the sweat from playing for 15 min straight -.-"). But because I have naturally straight hair, my hair always falls flat when I tie it up--which makes it even more horrendous. So to pizazz up my hair-do today, I just added a bit of texture by using a 1 1/4 inch (32 mm) curling iron without using the clamp. I'll have a detailed post next time about that! It creates waves instead of curls :)

As for make-up... people in the music industry most often tend to be on the older side, and not to mention traditional; so having a caked face and intense eyeliner is going to create the worst possible image of you for them (party animal?). But recently, my acne has been working up again!!!!! T^T so I HAD to wear a full coverage foundation today, and JUST enough eyemakeup to look polished :")
here's the results!

Quite natural lookin` for a caked-face, eh?

My bangs are getting so long!

Like the wavy hair? :3 I'm new to it... it's a completely diff feeling from curly!

Sadly, this is about the only picture I have of a close-up on my face! You can see the eye make-up decently :p

Here's what I have on:
-Lancome Teint Idole Oil-free Foundation
-Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Powder
-MAC Powder Blush in Peaches
-Too Faced Natural Eye Palette
-"Silk Teddy" in crease/inner tear-ducts, "Push-up" on lid, "Erotica" smudged on the lashlines, "Heaven" used as a highlight on browbone
-Lancome Le Crayon Khol in Chataine
-L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara in Black
-Shiseido Lash Curler
-MAC Blankety (my fav lippy!)

I know this is COMPLETELY random... but I really wanted to share with everyone--If you're not familiar with him, Joshua Bell is an amazing (not to mention good looking!) world-class violinist. I have heard countless people play the same pieces as he does, but none resonates in my heart DAYS after listening to it but Bell's. This particular CD is my favorite one of his; they're the typical stereo-type classical songs, but this is... different. You have to give this a listen. I can have this CD looping ALL day without getting tired of it. Do you guys know what I mean?

And to close this post...
I want to thank Vanessa AKA Jhoy for awarding me with my first blog award! ^__^ Thank you so much for reading my blog! I hope you all enjoy your stay while here! I hope you all enjoy reading my posts as much as I love to write them!

Also, check out her amazing blog!

Hope you enjoyed this quick post! I've been so busy lately.. I have no many delayed posts! My desktop is just overcrowded with pictures for them!
See you on the next one! :")


Anonymous said...

Looking good, Cello player Jinna. :P Fingers cross, you win!

박진아 said...

waaah~ ^___^ thank you Vincent

Nikki said...

Good luck, Jinna!
Hope you win (like what Vincent said) :D

I'm sure you did amazing ^-^
you should put up some videos of you playing :]


Nikki said...

Good luck, Jinna!
Hope you win (like what Vincent said) :D

I'm sure you did amazing ^-^
you should put up some videos of you playing :]


박진아 said...

>_< VIDEOS?! AHH! Recording audition tapes for college auditions was already enough in one lifetime! @_@
hehe :p thank you darling<3

Vivian said...

GOOD LUCK! hope you're going to win that competition=]
oehw and you look beautiful btw haha<3

Anonymous said...

GL<3 and very pretty look~


Miss. P

eli_7 said...

Good luck!!
You look so pretty :)


♥ 珊珊 Kawaii Kuromi ♥ said...

Good luck.
Love the hair and make up. Pretty!

Shan x

Katie Ngo said...

Hey Jinna. Thanks so much for your kind words. I'm sure shes in a better place. Thank you. ♥

Your pictures are gorgeous. They look flawless and your natural beauty really stands out. ^^ & Congrats on the award.

Katie Ngo

cloudSMILE said...

Awwww, congrats on the award!!! Good luck on the results, I'm sure you did amazing! :D

and dude, AHHHHH. I'm loving your make-up posts.. I'm so completely new to make-up; all I know how to wear is concealer LOL. T.T I really like how natural it looks on you. ;A; How long did it take you to apply everything for this?

AND! Late late late reply but!! KUROSHITSUJI ♥ ♥ ♥ :DDD HAHAHAHA! I wish I could grow out my hair to show, but I love this hairstyle right now LOL. YES! It takes me 30-45 minutes to straighten my short hair because it's really thick e_____e

oh mannn. That's too long LOL. What kind of short hairstyles do you like?

Oh hey, I do that too!! 8D That's so cool. Well I'm glad you found me, because your blog is so awesome ;A; I'm gonna learn a lot from it. ♥ ♥

박진아 said...

thanks everyone! :) I'll let everyone know what the results are even if I don't win -.-;

박진아 said...

thanks everyone! :) I'll let everyone know what the results are even if I don't win -.-;

Serena said...

{*fingers crossed} Hope you won your cello competition! I'm sure you sounded amazing.

I don't know what you're talking about.. acne? I don't see anything in your pictures.

I can't wait to read your tutorial. I LOVE how your hair looks. I can never get my hair too look that way. Usually it's too curly or not wavy enough.

Congrats on your first award!! =]

<3 Serena.

shaynaJo said...

hi, very nice blog and im definitely following u!
u're so talented... from makeup to cello and to cooking! :D

u hair looks great too and how did u keep ur curls looking so neat? I went crazy with my curls last time. >.<

projectvee said...

you look so gorgeous!

박진아 said...

thank you ladies! :)) <3
@Serena GUUUURl, I am wearing seriously FULL coverage foundation x_x I get all of my acne on my forehead, so my bangs are hiding them :)

Meilinda said...

u're very beautiful dear!
hope you can win for that competition.^^

btw. i love korea.
i wanna study the language.hahaa.^^

lisa (Makeupandlife*) said...

Good luck beautiful! just followed you =)

jenhe said...

lovee your hair!! & good luck on competition :)

Zoe said...

Good luck..I really love ur hair, looks so pretty^^

Serena said...

Thank you Jinna!!
Your comment on Clinique items totally help.
I was actually debating between the Moisture surge (in pink tin) and the moisturizer I got (Super Defense). I think I will definitely try Moisture Surge once my day moisturizer finishes or something. It sounds great.

<3 Serena.

deerest said...

You looking gorgeous here!!!

My name is Tram :D nice to meet you!! heehehhe


Sinyee。흔의 said...

onni~ I like your make up, I was think that maybe you could teach me how to make up? I have an unequal size of eyes. That's a problem for me.

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