Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Mini Haul and a long awaited post! [pic heavy]

Hi everyone :) I've been so busy recently, I haven't even had the time to stop by my own blog at all! AP (advanced placement) exams are coming up, and I have no idea what the hell is going on in my head with Microeconomics. -Sigh- besides that, I have a HUGE research paper thats due in a week and half, and mines not lookin so hott. I haven't finished any of the books that my author wrote, because I just don't have the time to read them! T^T

On a side note, for those of you who've read in my previous post(s), I had that concerto competition--turns out I didn't place... :( I was pretty happy with the way I played too! Talk about a big disappointment. The first place went to a pianist who played some Liszt, and the runner-up was a violinist who played a Sibelius piece (I think). There's always next time :/

anywho! I've been so busy, but whenever I drove by the mall, I took those chances and looked around for goodies :) It's not much, but a couple things I picked up!
I've been watching a little too much "What Not to Wear" on TLC recently... LOL. The most helpful advice that I picked up from the show was, go shopping for outfits, not pieces. It doesn't matter how many cute items you have, if they don't match, you can't wear anything with them! So this time, I went shopping for an outfit. :3

Here's what I picked up from Forever21:

Sorry for the crappy lighting!

A short pink cardigan with some accents

A simple white boho tank to match anything

And some headbands :) ..don't they look like underwear? LOL.

Here's what I picked up from Sephora:

The Smashbox primers were only $9 each! Great deals :) I picked up one for my mom too!

I also bought one of YSL's Rouge Volupte--talk about pricy!

Mines in #30, or in Peche Faubourg. All of them smell like candy o.o

A swatch in the nasty yellow lighting!

Taken in my bathroom :p under florescent lighting.

My bare lips--they're so pigmented, it's not even funny. It does lipsticks no justice! I usually use a lip erase, or lip concealer before :) This pic makes it look pretty neutral, but they're seriously red.

Here's with it on--no concealer under; not even moisturizer! As for the color, it's actually an orange-pink lipstick! The picture does not justice on the lovely color.

Also, within my busy and hectic week, one of my new and great friends, Jurang, came to sleep over! She's in one of the orchestras I do, but because she lives so far away, and her parents are out of the country, she stayed at my place for our concert :) We were super hungry after our rehearsal and decided to make some kimchi bocceumbap~

Here she is! She's going into a music major too :) she plays violin! we're the same age :p

yum yum yum. maybe I should put up a tutorial for this? what do you guys think? are you guys interested in korean food?

Here's a closeup! +_+ i'm getting hungry looking at this... we were so hungry we added the minimal amount of ingredients and chowed down ;D

Jurang fried the eggs :)

..and here she is!

camwhoring it in the kitchen X)

I'll miss her so much! She's going to Boston for school--I'm still deciding between Boston and and New York!

Oh man. This is a really long post... not to mention ultra pic heavy!
Anywho, might as well make it even longer :p Here's just some random pics I took with my friends~

My BFFL Erik! :) Who says only the same gender can be bffls?

And his stand partner Tiffany! :) or I like to call her... T CHI!

Here's a pic of them playing together at school :)

I realized I forgot to take a picture of my other bff (who is also in that class LOL)! So i'll just throw this one in here :) This is walking to orchestra at school!

And to close this post:
Recently, i've been so exhausted I can't make it through the day without at least 2 hrs of a nap... I go to sleep around midnight-1am, and wake up around 6 30. Is that lacking sleep? Everyone else seems to pull it off fine... I can't do anything during the day because I have to sleep! o.o any suggestions? I know once you get in the hang of sleeping, it's hard to come out.. but maybe I need some exercise or something(?).
On the other hand, besides the stresses from school, my relationships with my friends as well as my prince charming have been great :p Ah~ young love. Man, I sound like some old lady saying that. LOL.

Anywho, today was the hump of the week, so it'll only go down from here! :"))
Goodluck everyone, and stay strong! (easier said than done)



Frances said...

hmm that's a good suggestion-- shopping for outfits instead of pieces O__O I have that problem lol... And ROFL when I saw the headbands I first thought omg did she post her new undies?! XD And yes pleeaaseee post the tutorial for the food! I LOVE korean food :D

Ken said...

people are going to think you are wearing lingerie on your your forehead!

Anonymous said...

Nice~ great haul as well^___^
Aw, I remember my Orch-Dork days~<3<3<3 SO long ago~

Miss. P

Serena said...

You weren't kidding when you said this was a pic heavy post! {*hehe}

Sorry you didn't place but there is definitely always next time. =]

That's really good advice: "go shopping for outfits, not for pieces". I used to watch that show all the time but never got that message from it. weird. I will have to try that out the next time I shop.

Loving all the items you got form Forever, especially the cardigan and the lace headbands. I LOVE lace. =P

$9 for the smashbox primers is a pretty good deal! Dang. I wish they had it on the oil-free version though. I don't think they do.
That's a pretty shade of lipstick. YSL is a pretty popular brand huh? It looks really nice.

That dish looks soooo good! {*DROOL} What's the recipe? You should DEFINITELY make a tutorial. I am SO interested in learning how to make korean food. =/ I crave korean food all the time.
Looks like you two had a lot of fun hanging out and cooking.

I used to nap during the day too but you sleep really little. 6 hours should be fine... but 5 hours doesn't seem enough. If anything I think you should exercise. I notice after I work out I am tired but very energetic.

Glad to know although there's a lot of stress in your school life, everything else is wonderful. Good luck studying and preparing for the AP tests!

<3 Serena.

eli_7 said...

Aww I love thepink acardi with gold sequins..I wish we had forever21 over here in the UK :'(
haha I thought it was lingerie when I first saw those headbands lol
The colour of the lipstick is soo pretty but yes very very expenisve
OMG That korean food looks sooo good :D I think I had something like that in a korean restaurant before :)
oooo and yes please for the food tutuorial thing :D

Joanna said...

wow great haul! i love everything you go...esp the cardi ♥

ps. food looks so yummy ^_^

thanks for stopping by my blog~

♥ 熊貓girl ♥ said...

LOL those headbands do look like underwear xD

Yesss i think you should post tutorials on korean food.. im v interested :) :)

박진아 said...

wahahaha i'm telling you all! it SERIOUSLY looks like some other kind of lingere! XDD

@Ani homie! i'm ordering from sephora's site real soon, so tell me if you want anything from there!

and looks like I have to put up a tut for korean food :p

Clara said...

dude. yes. tutorial for that, it looks SO DAMN good. im lacking korean food in philadelphia T.T

and where are you deciding between? pleasepleaesplease east coasstttttt!!!

Fionaa ♥ said...

Lovely hual ^___^
Korean Food!♥ looks Yummy!

brutalturtle.blogspot.com said...

Do you know what you did to me, that my mouth literally started salivating when I saw the fried rice and eggs? Do you know every time I go to a korean restaurant I order kimchi fried rice with an egg on top? That is MY dish LOL.

You and your friend are pretty =.=

I don't know how to make kimchi fried rice. Is it the same as normal chinese style fried rice? I can't MAKE kimchi, but my local korean supermarket (h mart) sells kimchi in jars so maybe I can just mix it into the rice... I don't know. I'll try that.

jenhe said...

ahh so jealous :) this makes me want to shop so badlyy. still stuck in exam season </3 nice blog girl :)


glitteryeyesxx said...

Dang, your food looks SO DELICIOUS!!!! You really ought to do a video on how you made it *licks lips* I just love Korean foods! =)

Vivian said...

aahw i want the pink cardigan!!
yesyesyes!! tutorial time!! it looks YUMMIE=]

Musicalhouses said...

Ooh great haul! I love it - and I do agree the headbands look like underwear, at first I was like 'is that underwear?' LOL. Love your lippie!

Thu Hien Nguyen said...

Cute lipstick colour

cloudSMILE said...

I could've sworn I was following your blog until I realized I wasn't getting notifications =__=;;;

Wahhh :'( man!! But you're right.. next time! Do they even give you feedback on what you can improve on? We would get those after our choir competitions, but idk how it is for concertos hmmm.

Oh mann!! Yes, you should definitely do tutorials on korean food!!! <3333 I love. *___*

and.. they DO look like underwear but they're still cute LOL so it's okay.

ohohoho. A prince charming, huh ;D good luck with your AP exams!! Mine's the 6th @___@...gah.

Adeline said...

YOU TOTALLY SHOULD MAKE A TUTORIAL ON HOW TO MAKE THAT RICE (is it kimchi fried rice?) And if you can't really tell, i LOVE korean food <3

Jesa said...

How cute are you?! I love that lipstick!

lovely blog :)
Cheers, Jesa

Serena said...

Where are you?! I hope you're okay. It's been so long since you've posted! =]

Just checking up on you.

<3s Serena.

Serena said...

OH! And as for the MIA. I'm liking it right now. It's not like a miracle product or anything but it has helped in keeping my skin clear! I wish it would help shrink my pores though. EHHH. We'll see how my skin is like after longer use.

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