Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Another Fun-Filled Week!

Hello everyone =) Looks my blogging streak is yet to end! -evil laughter- sorry for those who have to read this. :p Anyway! For the past 3 days, I was in Irvine to visit the OC Fair that just started this week, then hanging out with my sister who attend UCI :) I went with my cousin Richard, and we had a blast. My post for the trip will be another day, because I still have a couple more posts to do before! I like to put up things in chronological order =D

So for THIS post, are just random things I've done for the past week :)

I think I seriously ate lunch with Richard every single day for the past week! haha!

Strawberry and cream crepe with Mirie, Richard, and Yuri!

ah~ it was so yummy +_+

awww! sleeping puppies :)


To finish this day with ANOTHER sweet, I had a frozen banana dipped in white chocolate, and covered in a coating full of walnuts, marshmallows, and semi-sweet chocolate morsels. :) I am seriously asking for it.

Last Sunday, my sister came home from Irvine so her, richard, and I went to the fashion district (Santee) in LA and had a great time :) I forgot to take pictures! But here is the lunch we had afterwards at Wako! :p

I had Katsudon =D

yumm asian mustard dressing with simple iceberg shavings!

Richard had Curry Chicken Tonkatsu :)

My my, this post is just jumping around on the days! Here's photos from last monday when I went out with my aunt (Richard's mom) and my mum to run some errands, shopping, eating, doctors office.. lol =D

Here's my aunt and me waiting in the doctor's office =D

And here's my mum with her! Eating lunch at Olive garden =D

Sorry this was such a random post! haha :p hope you guys have started off the week with a good start! Here comes hump-day tomorrow! Stay strong everyone :)


euzeenee said...

ugh! the crepe looks so good!

brutalturtle.blogspot.com said...

everything is mine. katusdon, puppies, ice shavings, all mine.pretty korean girl mine too.


good post. haven't seen you update in a while actually... nice to see youre still around.

박진아 said...

@Eujean wahahaha come home and ill buy you some crepes yo!

@turtle haha yeah! i'm still alive and kicking! ;) thanks for stopping by like always! <3

LexiTokyo said...

The food looks so delicious! The puppies are adorable. :)

Anonymous said...

Ahhh all the food is so pretty!! ><

I spy a bandage on your aunt's elbow~ ahaha

:o Does that mean you're going to UCI next year? I can't remember if you mentioned it before, but if you did, sorry! ><

Ken said...

aww puppies!
they are almost as cute as u!

Anonymous said...


Shen said...

Aw, the puppies look cute. And the crepes look really good too :D

And a reply to your comment on my blog, all you need is an emulator and you can pretty much play any DS/PSP/PS games on the computer :3

박진아 said...

@Shirley haha no! I just go down to UCI to visit my sister often, because my sister attends the school! =) I'm going to Manhattan School of Music in New York when Fall rolls around :)

@Ken you're cuhrazyy.

@Vince they were all so yummy~can you tell I like food?

@Shen they WERE yummy! haha~ emulator? =o <- complete noob when it comes to comp stuff

eli_7 said...

The food looks so good !
Aww the puppies are so cute. Are they yours?
I really want a pug when I can afford it :]

May @ Rad said...

I want some crepes! Stop making me hungry. lol. Have you tried doing the middle parting on yourself? =p

Really Petite said...

Now I am starving! All the food looks delicious!

Thanks for the sweet comment on my post- you made me feel much better:)

Please enter my Giveaway when you get a chance!

Leenda said...

Whoa! I love goin to eat crepes! They are sooo good. =] Thanks for commenting on my blog.

☁ christine ☂ said...

MMM! Lots of delicious food :D

So I stumbled across your blog, and at first I thought you were from Korea, but it seems you're from Socal! Mee too :)

Silkybow said...

Coool blog, just followed :)
The crepes look so delicious and your dogs are adorable~

Jenny said...

Mmmm SO much food!! love food!! crepe looks uber delish! Puppies! i want a puppy so badly :( yorkies and pugs are my favourite! looking at them make me smile :)

can u believe i've only just been recently taught what hump day meant?! =_=

p.s - i definitely recommend the eat pray love book!!

projectvee said...

yummmies the crepe is making me SO hungry!! :) hehe and korean food is my fav.

Ken said...

my mom says that she doesnt come out well in photos!

PinkOrchids said...

The food looks amazing *wipes a tear* i'm so hungry now!! xX

Anonymous said...

you loook sooo adorable(: i love your look and your blog makes me hungry even after i just eat!!! loll! Loveeee.

xoxo c(:

Lily said...

the crepes look amazing!!! love the food pics :)

julia louise said...

Just found your blog, hehe.
Lovely post, and really great blog!! Btw. the dog is so cute.
I was hoping if you would take a look at mine, and maybe be a follower?
† http://julia-louise.blogspot.com

Mana said...

lol...the food look yummy^^
omg...dog r so cute =)
lol...French food :D
u r so cute^^

Vivian said...

the food looks sooooooo yummie!!!
strawberry crepes<3 frozen banana<3
it makes me so hungry....

Really Petite said...

OMG- everything looks so yummie!!!! I want to try making those cinnamon twists- DELISH!

Please enter my TLBC bra giveaway when you can:)

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