Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lemonade Detox Diet Start! :)

Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of the update -__-;; My mom and I switched computers this past week because mine is so crappy I can't play [brace yourself] World of Warcraft. Yes yes, I'm an asian nerd -.-

Besides that! If you remember, I posted the recipe for the Lemonade Detox Diet about a week ago. Now that I've finished all the perishable items in the fridge... I've started! If you want the recipe, refer to that post Here.

Gather your ingredients!

Roll the lemon and give it a few squeezes before cutting them. This breaks open some of the hard to reach pulp and more of the juice comes out.

Slice them in Half~

I'm using a juicer :) If you don't have one, you can always just use your hands or something cheaper.

If you give it a squeeze like this once no more juice comes out, you can check if there's any leftover.

This actually took longer than I thought..


For some reason, when I made this again the next day, I ended up with wayy more juice than I did this day.. I guess it really depends on the lemons..

I split the lemon juice evenly to 2 containers, and added 5 cups of water each. (total 10 cups for the day)

Add a couple pinches of Cayenne Pepper! I put wayyy too much (following someone else's recipe -___-;) Most people said just put a pinch everytime you pour yourself a cup.. but I thought that was a hassle and just put it in here.

Add the Maple Syrup.. as usual, as first timers, I put wayyyy too much -___- The recipe I found was a total dud! I had to accommodate it myself. Just add 2 Tbs per cup.

Wisk it all together..

And safely into the fridge it goes! As you can see.. it's rather dark! It's not supposed to be this concentrated!! X__X

Okay, so it was my first time making it... and I figured out what to put more in of, and less of. But because I made it, I ended up drinking it all just for this day, and kept telling myself it was only going to get easier from here since I'd make it better each time.

Okay. So I sort of underestimated this whole procedure. It didn't exactly start off the way I wanted to! I ended up making a super concentrated first batch and made serious faces every time I drank it. Oh well, it'll get better.. Anyway! So first thing was first. Because I can't bring myself to drink 1 quart of salt water every day, I decided to take the detox tea in the morning as well as night. People said this was an alternative since they initially did the same thing.
So let me say this.. I love to eat. I love food. I like all types: crunchy, mushy.. you name it. [unfortunately I really like starch foods like Ramen and pasta..] So to stop eating all the sudden is kind of hard! I totally pigged out the day before with so much food! hahaha :p Anyway, getting through the first day wasn't all that bad.. I had to avoid everyone who was eating, or hide in my room while my family ate dinner...T^T my room is next to the kitchen, so it was a bit painful! Anyways, the day finally ended, and I didn't have to try so hard to finish the entire mixture even though I made enough for 10 cups instead of 6-8. I just kept drinking it whenever I would crave foods, or feel I had an empty stomach.
At the end of the day, I had my cup of detox tea.. WHICH IS SOOOOOO GROSS!!!! uaghghsdfhsj!!!!! I thought this was going to the best part... but turns out it's the worst! I absolutely HATE HATE HATE HATE everything about this tea. It tastes like dirt brewed with random fallen twigs off the ground, and to top it off, has this certain spice that smells almost like cinnamon. X___X It's pretty much death in a tea form for me. Anyway, I managed to plug my nose and chug it down once it cooled a bit. It took me forever to fall asleep though. I couldn't get the cravings for food out of my head! It was utter torture for someone who loves food so much T^T

So it's already day 2.. Let me tell you, the first batch I made was such a torture, I'm starting get worried if this is how it's going to taste every day... ahh! But turns out my second batch actually tastes like freshly squeezed lemonade!! YES! Closer to a very very strong lemon water. I can't really taste the cayenne pepper much, only when I get to the bottom of the glass. Tastes great ^___^ But because I had such a long and tough day going to my sister's audition with her it was a bit harder today I have to admit. I did wayyy more physical activities than yesterday, when I was home all day on the computer.
My mom and sister even had lunch before going home, and I waited in the car!! It was torture. They were talking about what food they were going to eat, and it was just plain mean! Everyone is so not supportive! My dad keeps offering me food and candy convinced I'm going to die, and my sister just munches on chips with her mouth open!! aghh! The crunching sounds.. -.- I accidentally fell asleep around 5pm and woke up around 9:30pm, so I have so much of the lemonade to drink!! ahh! I'm soo not going to sleep early today -___-

I'm going to post how my LDD goes day by day attached along with other normal posts so you guys can stay updated with my torture.
But.. one thing I'm noticing right away, and it's only day 2--MY SKIN IS CLEARING UP! Nooooo way! :) I'm super psyched. I'm knocking on wood right now.

Thanks for stopping by!<3 br=""> Best,


Denysia said...

Wow, that's intense. Good luck on it! And keep updating! I want to hear about how it's working out for you!

Lina Kim ♥ said...

I like lemonades <3 and don't worry..I'm an asian nerd too. I play Warcraft, starcraft, and dota. lulz

amanda said...

omg i'm on a ldd too!! good luck to us both :*)

Shen said...

Wao! Do update, sounds interesting and maybe I'd give it a shot sometime too.

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