Friday, July 1, 2011

Review: MAC Lipsticks Morange and Chatterbox

Hi everyone :) wayyy too soon for another update? I typed this up earlier today telling myself I was going to post it tomorrow.. but I couldn't wait :p

Yesterday, I my best friends came down to my house (because I moved away pretty far) and we had a hangout sesh :) We went to the shopping mall nearby, and while the boys were looking at their "man" stuff, I snuck out to MAC to eye the Morange lipstick I've wanted for SOOO long.

Well, I've got the lippy I wanted, and another one--Chatterbox!

Here are the two lipsticks :) (From the left: Chatterbox and Morange)

They're both very pigmented! Morange is a bit thicker though.


I've wanted this for so long! T^T -tears of joy-

It's super pigmented, and not too drying, not too moisturizing. Closer to the moisturizing though. It's creamy, and easy to apply. One swipe gives a lot of color, so if you want a light wash, you have to dab! It's an orangy red color; I think orange lipsticks look absolutely fantastic on every single skin tone.

I've always wanted a "red" lipstick. Not because I like the color, but for the statement. But I could never find the perfect red that would go with my skin tone! This lipstick is a red mixed with a bright orange color. All the time when I try on red lipsticks, it looks like I just ate a whole jar of kimchee or something! hahaha But for some reason, this one seems acceptable to me. I think it's because I like orange lippies so much. I'm not wearing any lipliner for the picture, but I think it's needed desperately.


An unexpected find!

It's a plummy pink color, real purty. It's not as pigmented as the Morange, but it's still considered pigmented. Definitely easier to make a soft wash of color. It's creamier and softer than the Morange. But because I have such dark colored lips, I think I need some lip concealer before putting it on.

I picked this up and told the MUA that I was looking for a fuchsia/pink bold lipcolor, and they told me that this one was meant for warmer skin tones. I tried it, and it's still a bit awkward and new to me, since I don't own any fuchsia lipsticks, but I really like it!

I put this VS lip gloss called Lemondrops over it to see if it would tone it down just a bit.

Not really at all! haha. I guess there's no hiding this bold lip color! :p

Sadly, I only owned 2 MAC lippies, Blankety and Viva Glam V. I got the VGV from Fafinette's raving about it many years back, but I really don't like it at all. It's really dark and unflattering on me. It looked like a great nude lipstick on her though -___-;

My MAC lipstick collection has doubled! puahahha. I own so many lipsticks, but for some reason, MAC was never the place to go for lipsticks...

This is how Sebastian looks like when I'm blogging and not paying attention to him :p [he's in a desperate need of a haircut!]

Bye for now! I'm going job hunting!


deerest said...

Great hauls!

I never tried MAC lippies :3 They are too expensive for me since I'm job hunting also hahha!

You described the MORANGE shade as "it looks like I just ate a whole jar of kimchee or something!" LMAO thats so cute!! :D

And your doggy is cute tooooooo!! :D :D :D :D: D :D :D


Jen said...

Aww~ Great Haul! Great Colours!
I was never into Mac Lipsticks because it's kind of expensive to me, but somehow a beauty-addicted friend of mine got me persuaded and now I'm owning to Mac Lipsticks: Cyndi and Russian Red XDDD And I guess "unfortunately" it won't be the last time purchasing @Mac XDDD

Btw. You make me feel in love with "Morange", reminds me of Hyun ah (4Minutes) in her Muzik MV =D But i think orange wouldn't suit me :/

Btw.: Concerning ur question on my blog~ No i don't own my own car unfortunately but I'm driving my bf's car right now which is a beautiful turquoise Toyota Celica *_* but it's so hard to drive with it, to long, I'm so bad at parking XDDDD

I am YuanXin ◯♡, Adeline said...

Sweetie, this is yuan xin from theroundheart.blogspot.com. You are such a sweet lady! =) Your blog is awesome too! I would try to update as often as possible!

Choiii said...

love both lippies, very bright and summery :D

△▾christine▴▽ said...

nice review! i love the nudes. the pink and orange are perfect for summer though :)

the-caramel-lady said...

Your dog is soooo cute!!! :D xxxxx

Eli said...

Yep it is a ring :) It almost looks like candy, i wanna eat it haha

I love the morange lipstick, looks so pretty especially for summer!

PinkOrchids said...

From your pictures I was attracted to Morange first, but then I think chatterbox would really suit me! Thanks for sharing, not you got me wanting them!! My wallet does NOT thank you :P

Btw, yeah I'm in my last year of university *sniff sniff*, Have to be a grown up soon and go into the real working world...

Shen said...

Love the lipstick colours<3 And Sebastian! He's adorable! Haha.

Thanks for the comment on my blog and the heads up on my profile that I need to update, lol!

Francesca said...

i have MORANGE too :) it's so good hey! i just love MAC's lipsticks, they apply so well! xx opinionslave

Priscilla said...

Morange looks amazing! I've had my eye on the Dior Addict Lipstick in Fire for a while now, but this looks like a good alternative :P Xx

Frances said...

good luck with job hunting :D how's NY treating you?!?!?!??? I was browsing through your older posts since you came back from your MIA XD and you look very happy =D I'm moving to the East Coast myself in a month >_< omg trying not to freak out!! O_O do you miss Cali?

The orange lipstick looks great! I want one too... I find red lipsticks make me look so pale. Maybe I should try a deeper red or something =P I'm never too crazy about MAC lipsticks either lol.

And haha that's an interesting theory but I'm a rightie XP MJ mascaras are prob comparatively expensive if you buy from in US :T maybe you could find some affordable ones online?

brutalturtle.blogspot.com said...

야 jinaaaaaaa where did you go T_T you didn't update until the school year ended omg...

I thank you for even remembering my blog. I hope NYC treated you great this year - I'm planning a visit soon because I haven't been there in a while. Maybe September... I can't decide what I want to do first. Eat awesome but bad food or visit the Agnes B store (did you know new york has/had one??? that's what I heard) or go to statue of liberty (I always do that).

I can't use this product *I am a boy* but I do love your croissant sandwich. If you ever get a chance to visit French Canada make sure you try their croissants.

PS - I saw a cello at a music store a while back and thought of your blog.

PPS - you still look very pretty



Fionaa ♥ said...

i love the morange colour :) a subtle red-like colour ^__^ wish I could pull off these colours ~~
they suit you very well !

Silkybow said...

aw those mac lipsticks look really good on you! I think my fave is the red one because I love the red colour it has <3

Jenny said...

those are pretty lip colors that you picked up! super summery! your dog is so cute :D gl with job hunting!

Vilde said...

I'm totally convinced that these colours are gorgeous, haha, but I'm in looove with the morange colour, that's just so gorgeous, leaning towards to my taste, even though it's a bit more orange than I would normally go for, haha. And your Sebastian is so cute, that will be me in a couple of weeks, getting a little puppy

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