Saturday, July 20, 2013

Japanese Cosmetic Haul from MARUKAI Market =)

Good evening ladies and gents. We have finally reached Friday. (LOL I started this during the afternoon, to have finished typing it past midnight, making it to Saturday...) To be honest, I keep losing track of the days lately... yeah, definitely means I'm being productive alright. I've definitely started to fix my sleeping hours, by being more active during the day, it certainly has not cured my headaches... I feel motion sick all day.. the most awful sensation.

ANYWAY. My 2 best friends came down to visit me, and we ended up getting some lunch, and headed over to Marukai to buy some hair dye for me.

Now... the strangest thing happened. I was completely fine... walking down the aisles with my friend Austin, discussing shampoos... when all of the sudden, my ears started ringing, my vision went white, and head spun out of control. It was like I had all of my energy sucked out of me, and my legs gave out... luckily, Austin was there to catch me... I would've definitely broken a nose if he hadn't been there.

As my head continued to spin... I threw up. Yup. In the middle of the day, at a market. LOL. Luckily, again, Austin had gotten bags for me hahaha. It was such a nightmare... my day had gone from an every day shopping trip to the market, to on the floor vomiting.. weird. I have a feeling it may have something to do with my salad I had from Mimi's Cafe earlier that day. I'm suspecting salmonella.

The salad had been a pre-prepared salad... from a nice restaurant like that? Really? I was shocked to when I received my order and the plate was cold as ice, along with my condensed fork. The lettuce was even a bit dried out... had they not had anything to cover it up while it sat in a fridge over night? Well, whatever it was, they certainly lost a loyal customer. They had also cut down a lot of their menu from what I remembered just a year back. Ok. Done ranting.

We left in such a scurry back to my house that I had accidentally left my cellphone in the aisle. A few hours later after resting and getting back on my feet, we head back before they closed, while managing to do a little bit more of the shopping we wanted to do.

Here are my goodies I picked up:

Got these under-eye masks. I really adore these! Stick 'em in the fridge, and they're always a good pick-me-up when my eyes are extra puffy and dehydrated. First time buying this brand, but it's a Korean company. A pack of 5!

I finally got my hands on the Kose Loveruss Hair Water Jelly! I've always read such good reviews on this product, and now that my hair is short, I think it'll be perfect for me! There was another variation, that was a slightly darker pink bottle. I asked a worker and she didn't know much about beauty products, but just read the label--she told me that the light pink packaging (the one that's raved about all the time) is for shine, while the darker pink packaging one is for hold. I actually wanted this product as a "holding" product more than for a shining one... but the light pink one is indeed the one that everyone seems to love.. so I resisted and just went with the hype. I'll keep you guys posted on how it is!

Super cheap lashes. I picked these up from a Daiso, as well as the jump-rope. Everything else is purchased from Marukai! I bought a few pairs from Daiso before, only to be super disappointed that there was a reason why they were so cheap... the main issue I had was that the band was too thick and dark!!! But these were clear! :D lucky me! I picked up 2, because I had such high hopes for them--my favorite pair look JUST like these, but can only be bought at the Ricky's store, but now that I don't live in NY anymore, I can't get my hands on them that often! But I think these will definitely replace them, as I don't go to NY very often anymore. These come in a short and longer version. 2 pairs in each pack for $1.50 +_+

I've only used one peeling gel product before, and I believe it was called the AV ON brand, a Korean one. It was SO nice and effective, and was so sad when I ran out of it. I had forgotten about peeling gels, until I came across the raved Cure gel. But after I saw its price... UH. Not so much. I will try it for sure next time. I picked this up because it was only around $10, and it seemed to offer a lot of... claims.

But unfortunately, like products that claim so many different things... don't live up to their hype. I've used it twice, and not have seen much.. peeling whatsoever. I feel as though the gel does not actually adhere to the skin, just.. rolls around. The gel just clumps up, and pretty much.. "peels itself"... The first time I just used it as I would with any peeling gel.. didn't work very well. I had very little peeling of my own skin. Second use, I tried leaving the gel on the skin a little longer, but that didn't seem to make a difference. Would I buy it or recommend it? Nope, never--let's just say don't waste $10 on these products (had like 4-5 variations), just save it and purchase a better quality brand.

And the purpose of my trip... new hair color! :D That super exciting time that comes every month or two for us avid hair dyers. I was SO impressed with this new line by Lucido-L, aimed towards more of a mature audience, I've decided to repurchase another color. I've tried Cafe Chiffon last time, and the color turned out very vivid, hair was not damaged, full coverage, no patches! I love the applicator as well. I have high hopes for this! Trying to get my hair darker before school starts. I've been trying to achieve the perfect chocolate brown, and the name sounded very promising.

Another product I've been wanting to get my hands on forEVER!!! =) Was super excited to see this I've purchased this for around $23-24 USD. I believe you can get them on Ebay for $20 minus the shipping, so what the hell, save myself the shipping. This is the original Lululun facial masks! They come in a pack of 42. YES, YOU READ IT RIGHT, FOURTY-TWO MAKS. FOR THAT PRICE. AND GOOD QUALITY. I tried it out tonight, SUPER happy with the results. The sheet itself is not very thick, so it doesn't take an insane amount of time to really soak in your skin. After removing the mask, I used my jade massager to get rid of the remaining serum. My skin hasn't broke out (yet). I will sleep on it, and see what happens in the morning. (super acne prone/sensitive skin!) Very happy with my purchase!

And last but definitely not least, a jump rope. Yup. I LOVED jump roping as a little girl, and was always first place in my P.E. classes. I stopped as I got older, in fear of getting bulkier calves, as bulky as mine were, being a very active dancer at the time. But recently, I've been trying to shed some pounds before the school year starts! I still have a month left, and I'm getting pretty desperate. Some suggest to do jump roping in smaller intervals to avoid bulking up the calves. This definitely is an easier option for some cardio if you're not a fan of running (like I am)! Though I still am running every other night!

HOK. Hope you enjoyed this little haul! =) More in depth reviews to come on a Shiseido powder, Bobbi Brown concealer stick, and a Biore sunblock.

See you soon! :)
Jinna ♥


Mei said...

I love your haul! I want to get some hairdye real soon too..hehe. It realy sucks that you could have gotten food poisoning :( how terrible! Glad you are ok now ^_^


Jenny W. said...

Hi Jinna! I didn't know you started blogging again until I saw your comment on my blog! :)

I hope you are okay now :( Sounds scary what you went through.

Do those undereye masks really work? I've developed some serious eyebags over the years and I'm pretty sure they are permanent :( :( :(

I'll see you around!!!

brutalturtle.blogspot.com said...

what on earth, damn that salad! that's crazy. sucks but glad you feel better. I dont know how to use this makeup stuff but it all seems very colourful.

I hate running. it's a pain and it hurts. So I bike instead, it's very easy and seems to accomplish the things you want to work on~

TheEmmiFace said...

Jinna!!!! I'm so glad your blogging again :) The face mask pack seems really economical! Hopefully we can do a face mask night when we are in town together. I miss you!!!

Emily | TheEmmiFace

Diana Horsfall said...

be careful http://differentcands.blogspot.kr/2013/08/whatiwear-competition-winner.html

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