Sunday, September 5, 2010

Japan Town One Last Time :(

Yo yo! =D So 2 days before I left to NY, my friends and I went to jtown to get some ramen one last time :( Here are some pictures! And stay tuned till the end for a review of the KissMe Cool Sunblock SPF 50!

pork ramen +_+

The place was so tiny we had to split up our group! This is Karen (left) and Veronica (right) :]

Here are the boys on the other side :) (in order) Austin, Humsheen, and Raynard~

HAHA Karen and I bought rice-farmer hats!

Me and Vpak~

Green tea icecream for me ^^

Mango for Karen!

...and ninja for Raynard (?)

Humsheen being an idiot :)

Off to Cafe Jack for more desert!

K.O. for Raynard :p

Ma gurlsss

Papbingsu! It's shaved ice with a bunch of sweet things on it :)

I know this is a long post.. but bear with me! I try my best to incorporate my personal life with beauty posts and cooking posts!

I picked this up when I was in Jtown as well~

Comes with a nozzle tip!

The consistency is like water; it's not greasy, sticky, or oily, but it does leave a shiny film-like look after. But it doesn't really matter for me because I would wear makeup over it :p It absorbs super fast! The cashier told me it was for both face and body, but I've been using it just for my face and neck :) There was the regular version (not the "Cool"), but since there was less of this one, I presumed that this one was better :p Honestly, I don't really like cool/minty smell to it, but for SPF 50? It's so hard to find high SPF products that aren't sticky and greasy!

See you on the next post! :)


PinkOrchids said...

i loveeee green tea ice cream <3 jtown looks fun! xX

Ken said...

is that daikokuya? it is very good!

brutalturtle.blogspot.com said...

hello my lovely!

Speaking of sunblock. I had been using these two squeeze bottles that were in my house for 2 years. Did you know they have spray on sunblock? (it's not cream but rather spray) It leaves no oily feeling afterwards. I know i'm slow but omg it was incredible!!

The ramen looks good:) Sadly I no longer believe restaurants owned by real Japanese or whatever means the food is awesome. I was at a ramen place downtown (owned by real japanese!) and they charged me $12 for miso soup. Do you know what it was? Two packs of Nissin brand instant noodles and some meat. I know my instant noodles, I guarantee that's what it was. Sigh.

brutalturtle.blogspot.com said...

regarding the manhattan post:

YAY you are way closer to turtle now hahahaha. I like the mickey mouse shirt. My california friends love rain because they say it doesn't happen often down there. I hate rain -_-

I liked the pizza at midnite pix.I used to do that with friends back when I lived away from home~ Great memories of TRUE FREEDOM away from parents (isn't that what city life is all about!). How you liking new york? lined up a ton of cool things to do yet? I know that you can easily take pictures of celebrities arriving for David Letterman's show tapings (corner of broadway and fifty-third street). Get there with friends a little bit beforehand and post some nice shots for blog O.O

Your roommate has an imac :O Interesting... I know little ppl who have one (same price as macbook pro). Hope she's nice because my roommate was horrible~


Jennifer and Sherry said...

aww, super cute pics!!

Jennifer & Sherry

Lily said...

ooo I wanna go to Japan Town !!! The food looks super yummy !


Anonymous said...

WHAT?!? one thing jinna... i didn't understand the part where it said "Humsheen being an idiot :)" in that one picture. it should say HUMSHEEN BEING AWESOME!!! :)) haha

박진아 said...

im going to take a wild guess that anonymous is you humsheen LOL

Anonymous said...

I would like to exchange links with your site thejinna.blogspot.com
Is this possible?

Diary of a Short Girl said...

Mmm those noodles look good!! Great blog!


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