Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Brooklyn Shopping Date With Vivian :D

Hello all~ ! I'm back with a new post~ :D Over the weekend on Saturday, one of my best friends here at MSM named Vivian and I decided that we would go flea market/thrift shopping! Unfortunately, turned out the flea market was only open on Sundays, so we ended up just thrifting and going into nice vintage stores :) Afterwards we ate at a really nice Japanese restaurant and went to a church revival after that! Talk about a NIGHT. I was SO pooped that I got sick the day after! haha i'm still sick, and I don't regret a single minute of it :p

So.. I've watched so much "What Not To Wear" on TLC with Stacey and Clinton last year before moving to NY. The one thing I learned from that show was.. SHOP FOR OUTFITS! NOT PIECES. Just because it's cute doesn't mean you should get it! If it doesn't go with anything you own, don't get it! (unless you pick up something else to complete the outfit..)

Here's the pictures from the day!

Waiting for the train to come..

HUUUUUUGE middle finger! hahaha

The Jap restaurant we ate at gave my favorite gum as dessert!!! :D

Moving on the things I bought.. Most of the stuff I bought this day was from this little boutique called Pema. I asked if they had an online store, but they told me they were far from setting it up. :(

A cute going out evening dress!

Owls! These earrings are handmade and they were on sale for $20!

Some nice and simple earrings.. perfect for that summer outfit :D

Saved the best for last!! My favorite piece of the day. I bought these specifically to wear them on stage for cello :)

Couldn't get them to stop shaking for the picture -___-;; they're absolutely gorgeous and REALLY sparkly/shiny.. the picture does no justice!

Moving on... These are some things I picked up at Forever21 with Ellen the day before:

Super simple, but super cute!

REALLY gorgeous chiffon chemise shirt.

I LOVE this! it's a dress, but its a little short--pair em up with mid-calf leggings!

Got this one for my Cello performance clothing, but it could come in handy for summer too :p

I actually got this from Brooklyn in a random open flea-market type of place. The designer and creator told me he did these all by hand! I really like this shirt.

Finally, a pearl necklace that goes with almost everything! I've been searching for something like this for SO long.

Taking Stacey and Clinton's advice.. I came up with quite a few outfits!

I forgot to take a picture of this skirt, but it's just a band waisted skirt.

Look at all these outfits I came up with JUST what I got today! So next time when shopping, take my advice, and SHOP FOR OUTFITS, NOT PIECES.

Oh man. Talk about a picture heavy post! Hopefully this helped out in some ideas for you guys, or just entertained you :) I'm dreadfully sick, and typing this post just wiped me out. Time to sleep!

See you on the next post!


Ahleessa said...

I scrolled through your posts. You're so cute! :)

I really love the owl earrings. OMG it's so adorable.

Thank you for telling me about Lacvert! I was really curious and you are right, people living out of Korea don't know about the brand like me... hehe~ :X Is Lacvert an expensive brand like Laneige or cheaper like Etude House?

Ahleessa said...

Ahhh~ Kim Yuna is the model for Lacvert. I think I saw the commercial then. I don't know why it didn't ring a bell in my head... lol~

The stores in K-town in LA is so expensive. I think I'll wait for family members to go to Korea in the summer... hehe~ :X

You know so much about this brand. A lot better than me!... hehe~ :X

euzeenee said...

omg jinna what a damn haul. lol this post and one before. xD i wish i went to moma and the library and flea market/thrift/vintage places when i was there.. :/

Anonymous said...

Lovely buys!!!
Indeed Long time no speak! Glad youre back :)
haha I agree with the obecity thing. Friends has been taking over my life and that phrase Chandler says "because walking is too difficult, children roll your way into obescity" or something like that kinda came into my head lulz

PinkOrchids said...

Aren't you girlies stylish!! I absolutely love all your buys, the handmade owl earrings are so adorable, i want a pair!! The floral top is lovely too! Argh F21!! I love their jewellery, we only have one store here in the UK and it's so far, and their online delivery fees are so high :( I have never been to New York, but i heard it's pretty much like London! One day... :)

In reply to your lovely comment; my name is Stephanie, but you can just call me Steph :)

amanda said...


You're so stylish, take me shopping!

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