Friday, July 1, 2011

The Lemonade Detox Diet

So.. how many of you have done the whole: "Man, I seriously need to loose weight/eat healthier/exercise/go to sleep early/drink lots of water/etc"--crap? Well, I certainly do it about every other day. -____-;; And I have finally decided over this summer, I will finally DO SOMETHING about it!!! +__+ *determined*

In the past, I saw my two sisters take this dietary supplement and loose a great amount of weight and fat... so I had bought the product, only to realize how terrible it was for my body. So I stopped taking it after about 3 days, and decided to do it the right way.

About a week ago, my sister and I were browsing Naver.com and came about a post of this girl who finally decided to "diet" aka eat right. Living in korea and being "fat" really SUCKS. Majority of the girls in Korea have absolutely beautiful porcelain skin, and THIN body parts. -___-;; The pressure!!! Anyways, I read her post and a couple other ones, and finally came up with a diet plan myself.

But before that...

I'm going to do the Lemonade Detox Diet!!

What it basically is.. is you drink nothing but this lemon-drink for 7-10 days. Yeah.. I know what you're thinking "WHAT?! NO FOOD? ARE YOU INSANE?!" Now now, hold them horses! I've done quite a bit of research of this process. I also have a friend of mine who did it only for 4 days and saw tremendous results.

This "Lemonade Detox Diet" is actually not a diet, but a detox. In other words, it's clearing out your body of all the nasty buildup in your intestinal lining. And depending on the amount of buildup in one's body, the weight-loss differs. (Ie. People who eat fatty foods more often will end up losing more.) And don't worry, it's not damaging to you or your tummy. With the correct ingredients, the mixture becomes the same consistency and substance as your blood, [apparently] therefore your body is unable to absorb it, and instead, it glides through your body, emptying it.

So how long are you supposed to do it? 7-10 days. But most people start seeing results after 4-5 days. If you absolutely think you're going to die, I suggest stopping there. Basically, once your body isn't producing fecal matter (aka you stop pooping), it means your body is cleansed.

Why am I doing this? To jump start my diet--err eating healthier :p I want to detox my body of all the nasty junk, and start over new.

Wouldn't you just start gaining again once you start to eat solid foods? Yes, as it is only natural that you loose weight when you don't eat for 7-10 days. But think of it this way.. if you go back to your eating lifestyle, you'll gain it right away. But if you take the opportunity to start eating healthier foods, and choosing to snack on veggies instead of a bag of potato chips, you will definitely see a gradual, but definite change in your body.

Can you be working/exercising during the process? I don't want to be too tired... Due to the lack of food during this detox, it's natural that your body will give out a bit earlier than it used to. But that doesn't mean you can't be working 6 hrs a day, or going to the gym regularly. If you're planning on starting exercising for the first time starting this diet, you'll most likely end up failing and want to eat. But if you already exercise on a regular basis, it shouldn't be a problem. Around 10-10:30pm, you'll start to become sleepy and tired. That's normal, and I actually prefer sleeping earlier to start off the next day earlier as well... Get productive!

I've never done a legit diet plan before, because I wasn't motivated enough. Being away from home for college--esp. in New York, I've gained quite a bit of weight. (yeah yeah, freshman 15) Because of the nature of my major, I can't exactly exercise regularly or have the time to eat right. So now that I'm home, I'm going to start over! Recently, when I take photos, my face looks absolutely.. huge. That is my motivation. LOLLLL Lucky me, my mom (who went through rectum cancer a couple years back and has trouble going to the bathroom now) has volunteered to do the detox as well. She hardly eats.. yet she gains so much weight (talk about dead metabolism;;)

ANYWAY! Sorry to bore you with my story -___-; But I wanted to make an official post so that I wouldn't back out of it.

The Recipe:

(The "lemonade")

-1 Cup of purified water
-2 Tablespoons of Lemon Juice (yes, it has to be freshly squeezed, not bottled lemon juice)
-a teeny bit of Cayenne Pepper about 1/10 of a teaspoon (you're probably making faces by now)
-2 Tablespoons of Organic Maple Syrup (yup, has to be organic)
[People make about a gallon of this at a time so they don't have to constantly be squeezing lemons]

(The salt water flush) [gagging]

-2 Tbs of UNiodized salt AKA Sea Salt
-1 quart of LUKEWARM water (so many people mention the importance in this step--apparently if it's cold, it doesn't breakdown properly for the body..)

(Detox tea)

-Just go to your local super market and buy Detox Tea/Herbal Laxative Tea. I got mine from Target, labeled Detox tea. Follow instructions on the box! You don't have to drink a ridiculous amount of this; just a normal serving of a cup of tea.


-The first thing you do when you wake up in the morning is:
         Drink the salt water flush mixture. Yep, ALL of it.. as in 1 quart.
-Drink 6-8 glasses of the "lemonade" a day. You basically drink it whenever you get hungry!
-Before going to bed, have some herbal laxative tea/detox tea.
-Once you stop producing fecal matter, you're probably cleansed, and that'll happen around the 4-5th day. I say if you've made it that far, just stick it out and do it for 7-10 days.
-After the diet is over, slowly ease into solid foods; such as soups, porridge, & salad.

Yeah, sounds absolutely disgusting, right? Guess what? It is.
All for the sake of beauty, right? ..no? okay. Maybe that's just me :p

Positives/Expected Results:

-Thoroughly cleansed/detoxed body
-Ready and prepped body for a healthy eating/exercising lifestyle
-Clearer skin (OMG! surprisingly, majority of the nasty things we get on our faces are from what we eat.) Every single experience I've read/read of, everyone claimed that their skin improved.
-Average of 6-10lbs of lost weight. (it really depends on the person)

I'm going to start soon as my fridge is cleaned out of perishable food! haha! My mom and I realized we have so much fruit at home that would be such a waste if we started the diet now.. -___-; so I'll make the official starting post in a couple days when all the fruit is gone! haha.

...who's with me? ^______^;;
...no one?

well.... how's this.

Just a little motivation ;)

Let me ask again.... you in or out?



Lina Kim ♥ said...

I like lemons! thanks for the tips anyway. but..I really need to gain more weight, anyone pls gimme your fat >.< I'm as skinny as twig *sob*

Angie said...

this is interesting but not producing poop freaks me out o_o ... i detoxed by just eating veggies all day long and more smaller meals, with lots of water and tea, limiting my sugar intake. lost 8 lbs in a week and i still got to eat. good luck with this and tell us your results!

pandaphilia fashion

박진아 said...

@Lina lucky you!! T^T

@Angie yeah, there are many other ways to detox the body, but I wanted to completely make sure that everything was out 100% :) Thanks for your suggestion though~

Tally said...

It sounds hard, without eating anything. Oo Im alwas so impressed by poeple who really do it. Maybe i should try it too..not for loosing weight but for the health of my body, because im such an junk-food-junkie. haha

Gogogo Jinna! b>.<d

♥ Ani~熊貓 ♥ said...

i've heard of this too ! it's a quick fix apparently. but no food?! >< I can't imagine it! anyway... good luck ! ^_^ hope it works for u =] don't be fainting on us !

Ken said...

when r we gonna hang out?

Vilde said...

Honestly... That diet just threw be off right away, especially salt water and lemon togehter, if I've tried it - I guess - I would be crying every time I'm driking it... I did so when I had a pill with C-vitamin that dissolves in water , it was so strong that I started crying while drinking it. But luckyy you~ I feel like the positive result might throw out the nasty sides with this diet. Haha, but the last picture? Am I guessing correct when I say After School?

But I might be with you on it ;)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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