Monday, July 18, 2011

Mini-Haul, and LDD Day 3-4

So~ a couple weeks back, I saw this polka dotted dress from F21 when I was just browsing around with my BFFs :) I told myself I didn't need to spend money, but I gave in and went back a couple days ago with my sister to get it!

I really like the detailing! It's chiffon, light and airy, has ruffling detail on the chest area, an elastic waistband embedded into the dress and a ribbon tie that is connected to the collar!

I wore it out to church yesterday with the bold.. Morange by MAC!

I also picked up this really cute flannel shirt :)

tada! lashes! They were only about $2.50 each! scoreeee! They're both the same price, but one of them as two pairs! sneaky sneaky~ :p

Already my third day! :) I'm super psyched i'm almost halfway done! -____-; ..not. The hunger pulls today are by far the worst! I'm craving anything and everything possible! Everytime I feed my dog, I seriously start to drool. HAHA... I mix a bit of squash, and random leftover pieces of meat with his doggy food.. and when I'm cooking it? oh dear. I am soo tempted to eat it! Oh dear. How the lack of food has turned me into a monster!
My sister Eujean has decided to join me on the detox! puhahaha. Someone to share my pain with! She's constantly saying, "Oh man, I can't do this anymore, I really need to eat something.." But she hasn't pulled out of the game yet!
I realized something today... we spend so much time out of our day to eat! All day, I'm constantly asking myself, "so, what now? what should I do now?" I have so much free time now that I'm not eating! I've also realized that before I started, whenever I would get super hungry, I thought I'd die if I didn't eat right away. But looking back, I feel almost.. disgusted at myself for even thinking that way. There are unimaginable numbers of people in other countries living in poverty and famine.. at least I can eat when I want to! They want to eat, but have nothing to. I feel so blessed to be born into such a comfortable life.
It's night time. I'm craving so much food, I think I'm going to die!

"omg, I can't believe it's day 4 already!" Is what most people said... but; THE HELL, IT'S ONLY DAY FOUR?!--is what I want to say. I'm starving, but whenever I watch SNSD "Girls Generation" a Kpop group's music video, like their new one, "Hoot" I get all motivated looking at their legs! LOLLL.
And.. I have quite the surprise to share with you all.. I weighed myself for the first time today since I've started.. you guys will never believe it! I've lost more than 10lbs LOLOLOLOLOL I couldn't believe it I went on the scale over and over again laughing like a psychopath. My mom was so happy too we stood there high-fiving for literally 2 minutes straight. hahaha!
I've been avoiding the salt-water flush for awhile now.. because I didn't think I could do it... so I've been taking the detox tea in the mornings as well instead. Well, turns out that the un-iodized salt water is what irritates your stomach and creates diarrhea to empty out all the nasty stuff. Looks like I'm going to start on that first thing in the morning...T^T
I've so become a pro at making this "lemonade"! Not too much maple syrup.. just enough to make it not too sour--don't need all that sugar and carbs anyway! I was avoiding putting a lot of the cayenne pepper, but turns out that's what keeps your metabolism going and not stopping! The batch I'm making tonight for tomorrow, I'm going to be putting more that in now!

The best thing by far that has happened for me is my acne clearing up.. I can't believe this is happening. I always read and heard when people stressed the importance of what you eat is what you are, but I truly didn't understand it till now.

And as usual, ending it with a picture of Seba :)
Sorry for such a long post! Just have so many things to fill in..


Eli said...

Good luck to your sister!
Im sure she'll do well!

Your dogs so cute ><

serenadeveryday said...


Your family is just full of talent isn't it!? {*wow} That sucks that your parents wouldn't let your sister go to NY but congrats on getting on the Korean American Idol show. Quite impressive. Good luck to her!!

I love all the items you got from F21. Chiffon dresses are the best! and I'm actually on the hunt for a good plaid shirt as well. Never thought of going to F21.

I can't believe you chopped off 5". Your hair is still SO LONG! {*WOW} Must be a weight off your shoulders... literally.

It took be awhile to figure out what LDD was. I had to read your previous post. O-M-G... you are crazy! I think I would go crazy not eating for a day. >.< Kudos for you! Hopefully you've completed the detox already seeing that it's been 10 days since you wrote this post.

<3 S.

♥ Ani~熊貓 ♥ said...

awww Good luck to your sister ^^

and well done on the lemon diet!!! So happy for you =)

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