Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cello Repertoire Recording for College! x_x

So~ starting from mid-November till now, I've been absolutely busy due to college. Applications, recordings, supplemental forms... it's been absolutely chaotic this past month. I was BOOKED with extra lessons, and was constantly in and out of the recording studio. I even wasted some time recording because I had to change the studio I was going to! The sound quality was nice.. but their editing systems were not quite up to date. Also, their mike picked up so much of my breathing sounds, rather than my actual playing. So! I tried another place, and I absolutely loved the sound there.

So basically, the week before and during Thanksgiving, I was always in the studio. I only was able to record 3 pieces, due to time. The pre-screening recordings had to be received BY December 1st for many of the schools, so I couldn't take my chances at being a day late. Also.. I missed at least a week of school and fell behind on hw and such! x_x It was tough catching up with everything. I have no idea why, but I underestimated applications. JESUS CHRIST! USC's app alone took me around 4-5 hours! I hadn't written any of my essays, personal statements, and nonetheless, my resume. I had forgotten about my letters of recommendations, so I had to inform everyone late. It was insane. I was up all night everynight, never had the chance to eat, sleep, or even shower! It was a horrific time for me. -SIGH- But in the end, I ended up mailing out the cd's on time, and turning the apps on time as well. I still have about 3 schools to apply for, but their deadlines aren't till way later. I better get started on those...

So here are some pics of my last day of my recording. My eyes were tired, puffy, my body was bloated, I was in desperate need of showering... i'm telling you, it's not pretty.

This was the man behind the magic! He edited, recorded, and burned everything for me. He's INSANELY TALENTED! He is the ultimate Mix-Master. ahahah x) He was even able to edit some of my notes that FLEW by so quickly. He's amazing! And turns out he goes to my bff's church! hahaha~

Look at all these cds he burned for me! This is actually my job, but he went ahead and did it for me :)

My supportive and loving mom! Man, she's going to kill me if she sees this picture :P She was always there during my lessons and the entire time of my recording sessions.

We went out to celebrate by eating lunch! We ate shabu shabu :))
For those who don't know what this is, it's basically meat broth at boiling temperature; you add in veggies/meat and serve it with a special soy sauce.

This food was actually invented during the wars in Korea/Japan. Soldiers would be stranded out in the battlefield for days and would run out of food to eat. They boiled water, and threw in anything they had--plants, sea-critters, and anything else they could find. Surprisingly, this method has continued itself and it's quite popular in Korea/Japan.

We sat upstairs, so we had somewhat of a view :))

My mom and I decided to go to the bakery and buy the Mix-Master some pastries ;D

This place is called Tous Les Jours--everyday! :)YER, that's right, I took French! XD

As a closing note... I wanted to introduce you guys my friends. From the left: Derek (D-Mock), Eli, Daniel, and Humsheen (Neesmuh!).

Last, but CERTAINLY not least; my BFFS! This is Erik and Austin. They're my life! I wish they could understand the depth of my love for them. :)) <3 FWENDSFOEVA!

On the way home, I noticed I had a really good view of the Hollywood sign, so eh, what the hell. I went ahead and took a picture. I see it all the time.. but I had an amazing view of it this day :p

And with this, I bid you farewell! C;


audrey said...

thank you very much Jinna :) i'm happy that you like it^^
love your new pix^^
have a nice day, take care :)

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Anonymous said...

I recently went korean restaurant with my boyfriend. Was delicious, we had bbq and rice on the hot bowl, gonna go again after Christmas!
Cute photos.

Hope you have a great Christmas.

박진아 said...

thanks ladies!

hope you have a safe one too Thanh :)

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