Saturday, December 12, 2009

EOTD + Santee Haul~

Hi all! :)) I meant to post this last night, but after I uploaded my pictures onto Photobucket, I passed out. ahahah ;D Here's a quick EOTD/FOTD! I used my Miss Rose Palette and followed one of RiceBunny's tutorials :) Sunset Eyes. Sorry I couldn't take a close-up of my eye! My camera would just not focus. :( hope you like!

Also! 2 weekends ago, I went over to downtown LA with the oh so lovely Mirie and Leesen C: We went shopping at Santee, ate hotdogs--which were AMAZING, got yelled at by a Persian shop owner, and had tons of fun :)

I picked up a quite a few nail polishes; a lot of the stores carried L.A. Girl stuff--those are the polishes with the ultra fine brushes for deco-ing your nails! You can always opt to buy a nail art brush for about. $3-5, but I'm too lazy to clean them! ;D go laziness! I also ran into a shop which sold most of Burt Bees Products. I'm always looking for their clay mask, but it's only sold out of the country for some reason... They didn't carry it, but I did manage to spot their Garden Tomato Toner! So of course, I bought it. :) I also got some lashes by Red Cherry, and a NYX Round Lipstick in Sierra. It's a really pretty natural, everyday color. But since my lips are VERY pigmented, the color looks really reddish on me :P I still like it!

Hoped you enjoyed the post! :3


Miss Queenie said...

Jinna, you are incredibly cute! =]
thanks for following my blog xox


박진아 said...

aw thanks :) <3

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