Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays! + Life

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everybody is having a great time whether with their family or friends. This is a time to share and spend time with people who you love, and love you. Of course it isn't mandatory, but it's always nice to get xmas gifts for eachother! :) If you're feeling a little broke like I am this year, try... making baking/pastry goodies. Go out to your local dollar store, grab some ribbon, and some clear cello gift wrap--or clear baggies, stuff 'em with your baked goods, and attach a small card along! It's totally inexpensive, and gets the job done. Trust me, everyone will appreciate it rather than to get absolutely nothing, and throwing them a lame excuse saying you're broke. So once again, have a safe and merry Christmas. Or if you don't celebrate xmas, Happy Holidays! <3

Alright. Time for some actual blogging... I know this blog is dedicated to beauty/food tutorials and reviews, but you wouldn't mind me too much rambling on about my life would ya?
So, I'm not quite sure why, but this past week has just been extremely hard on me. I feel isolated from my friends, and I can't figure it out if it's either myself who is pushing me away, or someone else. Who knows, it may not even be a person... maybe a goal of mine? a dream of mine? It could be anything. I am so lost, and I feel like I'm blaming the wrong person for all my troubles--God. I yelled at him just yesterday asking why had he abandoned me. It didn't take long for me to realize that it was me who abandoned him, not him.
Have I done something wrong to hurt or offend someone? I wish someone would come up to me and tell me. I don't usually need things spelled out for me, but this time, I really do. I feel lost, helpless, and friendless. For some reason, I feel as though my relationships with my closest friends are... one sided. I love them so much--I wish they could comprehend the depth of my love for them. I occasionally ask my friends if I'm their so called "BFFL," just so I feel somewhat less-lost. Pathetic, I know. I feel so empty, hollow, and lonely inside, when I have so many great people around me.
I wish they could read this now and truly understand my love for them.
I'm still waiting for that Angel I asked for a couple nights ago from God--I hope she/he comes real soon... maybe he/she is already here? I can't help but feel like I'm going to break. Fall apart.
I've never felt like this ever in my life. I've had some horrible so-called "BFF"s in the past, and i've also experienced being backstabbed by tons of them. But I have indeed met some great, fantastic people as well. I hope to keep them as my friends, but I can't help but to feel pushed away by them.

ALRIGHTIE. WELL! done with that! So over the summer when I went to Korea, I was desperately looking for a velcro-strip to hold up my fringe while doing my makeup. I searched and searched, but found none. I guess it isn't too popular in Korea, but in Japan and China... So last week, I knew what had to be done. I went on Ebay, searched velcro strip, and found tons from Hong Kong for just a dollar or so, with either very inexpensive shipping, or free. :)

TADAA!!! I guess the only way to get something you really want is to just buy it online LOL.

Thanks for reading my rambling!
Have a safe and Merry Christmas, or Happy Holidays! <3

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